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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Can you...... FONDUE?

So thanks to my wonderful Aunt, Josh and I were able to enjoy an AMAZING dining experience. We don't normally take pictures when we eat out, however we just thought that we should document #1. A rare night out by ourselves and #2. Our first experience with FONDUE. We went to the new Melting Pot on Birch St. in Brea and had a marvelous time. Four courses of absolute perfection!!!!! If you like, cheese, chocolate and dipping sauces this is the place for you. We also tried a few martinis one of which was a "Carmel apple-tini." This drink should be illegal, because it tasted nothing like alcohol. It was very yummy, to say the least. And if the food and beverages were not enough to make it a wonderful evening you can add the fact that Josh and I got to spend 2 and 1/2 hours.... ALL BY OURSELVES! ( Did I mention, my Aunt watched the kids too..... SHE'S AMAZING!) Our lives seem so busy between the kids, Josh's job, and just every day life that we don't always get enough time for "US". So, tonight was a wonderful refresher for us and we left very FULL, happy and little more in love:). So thanks Aunt Becky we owe you one!
Me with my "CARMEL-APPLE-TINI" (yes!!! that is dripping carmel around the edge of the glass!)
The last course............. MY FAVORITE!!!

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