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Sunday, October 28, 2007

our trip down the yellow brick road...

We had a great time the costume party last night! I must give a thumbs up to those who planned it! I was so impressed with people's creativity when it came to their costumes. There were some really funny ones and a few people did little skits while in character. Pretty funny!:)
As far as our costumes, all went pretty well. I didn't hit any obstacles in making anything and I think we pulled it off. Bekah has NEVER seen the Wizard of OZ and so I showed her pictures of Dorothy online. She could have cared less about the dress as long as she got to wear the ruby slippers:). Anytime people would ask her who she was she would run up to me and ask me "What am I called, again?" :) She had no problem however remembering her dog's name. She said it over and over..... I would not be surprised if she starts calling Abby "Toto". Little miss Anna was an Adorable Lion and I must say was so good all night. She was full of smiles and even showed off by taking a couple of steps at the party.(10 months and walking....... not sure how I feel about that one.) Josh and I are not usually ones to get into dressing up in costume but we will admit we enjoyed it, this time. Josh's face looked a little more "Blue Man Group" than "tin man" but I think he got the idea across and I actually enjoyed being a scarecrow for a night. So anyways.... here are the pictures of us all in our "OZ" attire...

Little miss Dorothy and her dog Toto ;) (Pretty darn cute.... If I do say so myself)

All of us at the party...

Me and my girls. (The tin man is taking the picture)
Roar!... My little doll in her lion wear....(She wiped the nose and wiskers off her face)

And one more picture of us all..... ( looks better in the light.)

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