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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Ponderings...

I am a picture taking addict and pretty much anywhere I go my camera is not far behind. In every family outing I have future scrapbook pages in mind and so I am always on the watch for perfect photo ops. So after meticulously coordinating fabulously fall outfits and listening to my 3 year old scream as I brushed the massive amount of tangles out of her hair, we ventured out of the house and on to our local pumpkin patch. Now I am sure there are pumpkin patches across the country and even in other parts of California that do the darling name of "pumpkin patch" justice. However, the pumpkin patches we have here in the Los Angeles/ Orange County area should be called "parking lot carnivals with some pumpkins scattered around" ( I know it would be hard to make a sign that long, but at least it would be more accurate. ) So we get to the "patch" and there are literally more bounce houses than pumpkins (no joke). I have in MY mind cute FALL pictures (even though it feels like summer outside), however Rebekah (3 years old) has nothing but bounce house mania on her mind. Grandpa and Grandma Huckabone came along and treated Bekah to several bouncing experiences. She had no clue that with the money spent to go in each bounce house we could have probably purchased a bounce house of our very own or at the very least rented one for the day. She had a fabulous time! However, when it was time for Bekah to stop jumping and mommy's time for family picture taking she had firmly decided that she WOULD NOT/ COULD NOT take pictures and ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to smile !!!!!!!! We made several attempts to distract her and lighten her mood, but she had 100% decided to punish us for curbing her bouncing spree. So after all of that we left the patch with a few tears and a near tantrum and only a few good pictures. So the lesson I learned: next time I will ask myself... Are the pictures really worth it?
(you be the judge)

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  1. They look adorable Emily! What attitude? It doesn't show in the pictures. And how cute is Anna's dress??