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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Super Sized Play Day..... and then some

WOW!!!!!! What a day! We had our friends over today for a "big party" as Bekah would call it. Actually it was just a Super sized play day. My friends Katie and Riva came over with their kids plus some and so our grand total was 8 kids under 5!!!!!!Yep it was a little crazy at moments, to say the least, but overall a fun day for everyone! I'll tell ya, it is such a blessing to have other moms to get together with. It is so nice to laugh, to chat about everything from theology to coupon clipping, eat yummy snacks and all while your kids are playing contently (well at least some of the time;) ).I am speaking the truth when I say, play days are more for moms than the kids... ya, I said it! Anyways thanks gals for a WONDERFUL day! You help me keep my sanity!Here's to good times, lots of laughs, great conversation and MANY more play days!

Busy Preschoolers........

Pretty, Pretty Princesses...

She is out COLD!!!! It was quite a day!
Helping mommy clean up after...

She is a climber!

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  1. You saved my sanity too! Here's to more play days...except I need to get home earlier. Tyler has been in a bad mood for the entire night due to such a late nap.