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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat (part 1)....

Well the first part of our Hallows Eve/ Halloween (or for my Lutheran friends and family: Reformation Day) is off to a great start! This morning Bekah went to preschool. All the kids were dressed up in costumes and they had a parade around the school and made stops to get special treats at different stations. I cannot convey to you what a madhouse it was. But none-the-less it was very cute.

Well, thanks to Grandpa and Grandma along with a few other people our dress-up box is pretty much stocked with any Disney princess costume you can imagine and so, even though mommy recently made a "Dorothy" costume, Bekah chose to be Minnie Mouse (For the 2nd year in a row). This has been her absolute favorite dress since she got it on her 2nd birthday. I don't care how many other frilly princess dresses she has, Minnie Mouse is by far her 1st choice. (we will see what she wants to be tonight. I am pulling for Belle:))

So when I picked Minnie Mouse up from school she came home with a brand NEW Halloween tote bag filled with not only candy but other goodies as well (ie: coloring book, crayons, paddle ball set!). I was shocked!!!!! Not only have we not even gotten to lunch yet and already she has double the candy any child should recieve, but she is coming home with probably the same amount of toys some kids get for Christmas! It is crazy what kids get these days.... I am thinking she may have to donate some of her candy to very "needy" trick or treaters that come to our door tonight;).
Speaking of tonight...... we are going to the big "Harvest Party" at our church and then we are doing a little trick or treating in our neighborhood before calling it a night and saying good bye to Halloween until next year;)
Well, here are some pictures of Bekah at school. I will have pictures of both the girls tonight in their costumes:)

p.s. Another fun thing...... Josh wore the "Tin Man" costume to work today and won a gift certificate to Mimi's!!!!! YIPEE!!!!!

In her class...

On Parade!!!!


  1. Can I just tell you how BADLY I want to be a mom???? I just want her here so I can do all this stuff....I have another 3 months and i'm dying to meet her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so blessed to be doing all these fun things. Cherish each day!

  2. SO cute! My kids will be sugared up before the night is through too. I'm looking forward to the 2 hours it will take to get them to sleep tonight. Love ya!