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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat (part 2).....

So we survived Halloween... Our oldest child is slowly coming down off the sugar high and our youngest, although a little afraid of some people's costumes, seems to be overall unscathed by the festivities. Our evening began by going out to dinner with my parents and then onto our church's big festival. There were a ton of people there! We had a great time though. They had a few different types of petting zoos (Bekah pet a snake!), lots of games, face painting, a magician, tons of candy and several other fun activities. Rebekah loved getting to see a few of her friends dressed up. Princesses and Dora seemed to be the big hit for 3 year old girls this year. Bekah actually chose to wear her Belle costume ( I promise I had nothing to do with it ;) ) and Anna went as a lady bug. The cutest part of her costume was the two pig tails in her hair. So fun!!!! After about an hour or so at church we came back to my parents house and did a little trick or treating. (When I say little, I mean 2 houses)And now..... we are finally home and the house is quiet. What a day!!! To quote Bekah.... " That sure was a great day we had, huh mommy!?" It was a great day.... and we have about a years supply of candy to remember it by. Not to mention A LOT of great pictures :)

Pretty girls...

This girl is not scared of ANYTHING!

Good old fashioned bean bag toss!

She was so excited to be in a familiar place!!!

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