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Friday, November 30, 2007

And... We're Back!!!

This past week Josh had a business conference in Las Vegas and so the girls and I decided to tag along, not forgetting of course to take grandpa and grandma along to help. I had NEVER been to Vegas and now after going I can say these 3 things.....

1.) Vegas has fun things to offer.... however, when you have a budget and children with you, your options become very limited. ( And there was no swimming due to the cold weather :( )

2.) In my opinion Vegas has a 2 day limit.

3.) If you do decide to take children to Vegas..... extra helping hands is an absolute must!

We did have some fun moments and I could not have asked for better behavior from my girls. Considering that Rebekah probably walked 10-15 miles this week and pretty much spent the entire week in a mall I have to say she was angelic. I also have to add that Grandpa probably carried her 90% of the time! Anna got the best seat... and believe me when my feet felt like they were about to fall off I was slightly envious of her getting pushed around in the stroller. On Tuesday we visited the aquarium in Mandalay Bay and that was a major highlight of our trip! Anna especially LOVED it! Speaking of Anna.... she was quite a hit with the Japanese tourists! I am not sure if it is her blond hair or her little "pebbles" pig tail on her head ,but, I probably could have made a couple bucks charging people to take pictures of her/ with her. I am not kidding people actually asked to take pictures with her! Josh and I got it on video! We were dieing! TOO FUNNY!

One of Rebekah's favorite part of the trip was the posh bathrooms we had in our rooms. She said : "This is like a princess bathroom!" She took a bath every day in the big spa tub and stated several times "we should get a bathroom like this at our house, mommy!" ( It was a great bathroom! I think if I had a bathroom like that at home I would never come out.) I think what Bekah enjoyed the most was having my parents' undivided attention for several days. I am sure mom and dad will be sleeping well this weekend as they have to be completely tuckered out! Both of my girls LOVE their grandparents and there is NO WAY I could have done this week without them, so... THANKS mom and dad! Another big hit for the girls was the HUGE FAO Shwartz store they have there. What a vast assortment of toys and goodies! They could have spent days there!

Although Josh was quite busy, he did get to have a little fun. On Tuesday night he and dad went to Monty Python's Spamalot! Yep..... hey, they thought it was funny. On one of the nights we went on a gondola ride in our hotel! I enjoyed the shopping; and along with my bargain shopper of a mom got a couple great deals on Christmas presents, and I might have come home with a sweater or two for myself ;)......... (ok.... and a pair of shoes) On Thursday my wonderful husband took me out to an INCREDIBLE Asian restaurant! One of the best meals I have EVER had... and... I loved the "spending- time- with- my- honey" part of the night as we really didn't see him much this week. So over all it was a great time. And now after a rainy drive home, we are glad to be back and although it was fun..... I'm thinking when Josh goes to this same conference next year... at this point...a post card will be all I need to see of Vegas. :) We'll see....

When meeting a crocodile face to face, wouldn't you be a little shy, too?

Anna loved the aquarium!

Believe it or not......my three year old took this picture! Photographer in the making!

Our one breakfast with daddy..... Paris Las Vegas! ooh-la-la

Our version of Dueling Pianos

Walking..... Walking...... Walking...... and........ Walking.....

An ICEE at Caesar's Palace

The Baby Hospital at FAO Shwartz

More at the BIG toy store! ;)

Bekah and I trying on hats..... can you tell which one is which?

And a few more pictures...


  1. Such cute pictures. Sounds like a good time!

  2. Where's the picture of the bathroom??? Sounds like you had a fun (and tiring) time! Glad you're home safe!
    :) Christie