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Monday, November 19, 2007

Baby Talent Showcase... & Other Moments in Our Day!

From the time Anna was able to use her hands everything she touches go straight for one place... She is the child that I must constantly watch because she will put absolutely ANYTHING inside her mouth. I cannot tell you the many random objects I have found her trying to eat! When she was a tiny baby she used to suck on her toes..... I haven't noticed her really doing it since she was probably about 6 months or so. Today, I had a funny moment when I walked into the living room and there she was, just sittin there with her big toe in her mouth. It was like she had forgotten it was there and was thinking ..... "Hey! There you are! I've been looking for you!" She has had her feet in her mouth all afternoon. So anyways I just thought I would show you one of our child's many "talents". In my opinion, it is just too cute!:)

Here she is...... Now the question is... CAN YOU DO THIS!?:)

This is when she realized I was taking a picture and Bekah and I were laughing!

Funny Girl

Another fun thing in our day was we got to go see the Hoff's, well some of them at least. Bekah loves seeing her cousins and today we got to visit them in their new house. It is gorgeous! I am so jealous of all the space :). Bekah could have stayed indefinitely. Why is it that the toys at other people's houses are always more exciting?

Anyways I only got 2 pictures and these are it.... I'm slackin on the picture taking.

Yummy Lunch...... Bekah and Sam.

Anna climbing the stairs. She is sooooooooo ACTIVE!!!!!!


  1. There must be something to the toe thing- Luke loves them too. I love the second picture of her. It's such an "i got caught" moment. =)

  2. Hey Em! just wanted to say that I love this blog! love seeing what all my nieces are upto! They are sooo sweet! Oh, you too! Have a great Thanksgiving!
    Uncle T