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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Deck the halls.....

Our usual family tradition is to decorate our house for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving. So... tonight we put up our tree, stockings and a few other decorations. We had intended to put up the lights on the outside of the house also but time got away from us. That is a job for next weekend, I guess. There is something about bringing out all the ornaments and decorations that makes me so nostalgic. Each ornament holds a memory. Since Josh and I have been married we have tried to get an ornament on each of our trips, and we have started buying our girls at least one ornament a year in hopes to eventually give them quite a large collection to take into their own homes one day. Josh and I also have a couple of ornaments from our childhood. So,we are starting to have quite a treasure trove of old and recent memories in our ornament box.

Tonight I kept thinking about this same weekend last year. On the weekend after Thanksgiving, 2006, as I decorated my tree, I was VERY pregnant and I think the thought "will I ever have this baby!?" crossed my mind several times. And now... this year I am trying to keep a VERY active almost one year old out of the ornaments and away from the fire place. Where does time go? This year has flown by. I have heard people say.... "every year comes faster and faster." I am definitely finding that to be true. Rebekah loved putting up the ornaments and, even though I have to admit I wanted to replace every ornament she hung, I restrained the type A part of my personality and let her decorate however she felt lead. She kept asking "when are the presents coming?", "are the presents here yet?", "is it present time yet?", "you get presents on Christmas, right mommy!?" We are going to have to work on getting the real meaning of Christmas. This is the 1st time she has even mentioned presents. Every year up til now she has had no clue what comes on Christmas day. I was thinking after she asked me for the 50th time when we were getting presents..... "maybe we shouldn't decorate the tree until Christmas Eve next year." I don't know if I can handle what..... 30 more days of this. :) We tried explaining to her that we have quite a ways to go before any presents, and that Christmas is about Jesus and His birthday, and isn't it special that on JESUS' birthday we get a few presents. She looked a little blank...we'll work on that concept. Anna as usual is in to everything and getting out boxes of sparkly Christmas decor is just too much temptation for my little "tactile" child. She was elated when we got out the Little People nativity set which to my relief and excitement kept her busy for quite a while. We topped off the night with hot chocolate and some Christmas music..... it was a fun way to kick off the season. Let the merriment begin!:)

Just for fun.... I thought I would take you on a little trip down memory lane with me and show you a couple of pictures from last year as well as tonight. Just for a little perspective...

So here are last years photos...

There I am.... actually I think Josh got a good angle on the belly. I know for a fact it was much bigger than it looks in this picture. :)

Here is miss Rebekah at 2 years old (almost 3) drinking our staple "decorate the tree night beverage".... hot chocolate.

And here we are tonight...

.... with a new addition since last year.... and what a wonderful addition she is.

My girls "decorating" the tree. Anna was more "undecorating" than decorating :)

And there she is..... my sweet baby.

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  1. What great traditions! It is amazing what a difference a year makes and every year seems to go faster and faster.
    Kate has already informed me that she will not be visiting Santa this year. I think she needs a little "Bekah courage". =)