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Friday, November 9, 2007


We went to California Adventure yesterday with a couple of our friends. It was the perfect day for it... a little chilly but not a lot of crowds. The kids loved the "Turtle Talk" show and "Playhouse Disney"! We enjoyed quite a few rides and playing at a couple of little play areas they have there. We had yummy cream of broccoli soup, a perfect lunch for a cool day:) And the best part was we got to be with our friends! It was a wonderful day!

Well here are some pictures of our "Adventure"...

Bekah and "Flick"

The Group...

Anna did NOT want to keep her hat on.... but it looked Oh So Cute!:)

Rebekah Kate & Kate...

Bubbles in Playhouse Disney!

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  1. Hi Emily, Just wanted to let you know I love your blog! I've read it few times now, and it's great! I can't believe you made all of those Wizard of Oz costumes. They were fantastic! I am truly impressed. Thanks for sharing your life!
    :) Christie Murray (from B-1)