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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Farmers Market Treats...

This morning the girls and I went out with my mom, my grandma (the girls great grandma), my Aunt and my cousin! We went bargain hunting at one of my favorite stores... Kohls and to our local farmers market! At the farmers market we all shared yummy tamales and roasted corn! Believe it or not.... Anna ate an entire tamale by herself. (They have sweet corn ones. So no I am not giving my baby anything spicy.) And Bekah ate 2 corn cobs! I kept promising everyone that I DO in fact feed my children. I think they are going through a growth spurt;)! Anyways, it was a fun morning with the girls. We went home with several bargains in our shopping bags, fresh produce for the week and full tummy's. I LOVE Saturdays!
Anna with her Tamale, she is so "ethnic"..... WARNING: DO NOT TRY AND TAKE IT AWAY!!!!
Rebekah and Alee with their corn on the cob... Bekah with her bargain necklace from Aunt Becky! She has worn it all day!

The Corn was almost as big as she is. She had a glistening face for the rest of the morning from all the butter ;) Gotta Love It!

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