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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Princess Wishes!

Today we had the special opportunity to go with some friends to Disney on Ice : Princess Wishes. In keeping with the theme Bekah had to dress up as a princess today and the fair maiden of choice was Snow White. Snow White is the latest addition to our princess wardrobe ( a Christmas gift from Grandpa and Grandma) and so it is the favorite for now.

Bekah was THRILLED that her friend Jenna ( along with her mommy and daddy) could come alDSC_2960ong. The girls had a great time together and besides a few moments of squirmies they pretty much sat in awe of the complete princess  spectacular...


DSC_2943Princess Anna fell asleep pretty quickly but was awake long enough to get excited at the sight of Mickey and Minnie.  Even the youngest of us is a Disney fan!




What Disney adventure would be complete without cotton candy? Bekah was very excited to receive her "BAG O' SUGAR" complete with Mickey Crown! And I will admit Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a couple of nibbles as well....  ;)

What a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

And the Gift goes on.....

This Christmas has been spread out and over several days. It has been nice to have an eventful week and my favorite part is that Josh had four days off! We love when Daddy is home!

DSC_2768 Last night we continued the Christmas celebration

with the Nelson side of the family. The girls love being with their cousins and every year it seems the family grows, both in number and in energy level! There were 6 very excited and energetic kids in the house last night! All of Josh's siblings were there with spouses and children and Josh's grandma Nelson was able to join us from Minnesota. It is a rare occasion to have everyone together.


When Josh was a little boy it was somewhat of a family tradition  for the kids to act out the Christmas story.... last night the next generation took over and it was a performance that can only be described as ADORABLE! Rebekah graciously played the role of Mary (picture above: Mary and Joseph ( cousin Sammy) ). All the kids did a great Job and both Josh and I were very proud of our little actress. She was livin it up. This kind of thing is right up her alley! DSC_2821

Anna was chosen for the VERY IMPORTANT role of baby Jesus! It was nothing short of hilarious watching her try and squirm her way out of the manger. She didn't quite have the concept of the words "Silent Night.... all is calm... so tender and MILD"  and "Away in a manger...No crying he makes...." But all the same she was very cute and loved the buzz of attention she was receiving from her cousins.


DSC_2856Here is a picture of the cast!



After our reenactment of the first Christmas we went upstairs where the "wise men" (Daddy, Uncle Nathan and Uncle Tim) came and brought special gifts for all the kids! Bekah sat with a huge grin on her face as they came in the door singing "We Three Kings".


We finished off the night with MORE presents and yummy dessert! Anna seemed to be more interested in her cousin Peter's bag of goldfish



than the presents. It will be interesting to see the difference between this year and next year.  I am guessing that at Christmas 2008 (when she is 2) she will have a little different response to presents and such.....


The kids all got Disney pj's from Grandpa and Grammy Nelson, so of course we had to at least attempt to get a picture..... Hey you take what you can get! :)


It was a fun night with the Nelson clan. Great memories!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wild Animal Park...

To celebrate our godson Jacob's fourth birthday we went on a little adventure today to the Wild Animal Park! For having 6 kids four and under we had a pretty smooth day. The Wild Animal Park has undergone some changes since we last visited ( no more FREE tram tour :( ) so we were a little sad about that. But we did get to see gorillas, cheetahs, a Lion just inches away (behind glass) and an eagle doing flight exercises! The kids had a great time and DSC_2670speaking for the adults I think it was an enjoyable day all around... and a wonderful way to celebrate a great little guy. Happy birthday Jake, we love you!!!!


Here is the birthday boy! It is hard to believe it has been four years...... he is 8 weeks older than Bekah...so it is fun to see them grow together.  They grow too fast! DSC_2592                                      


Katie made a yummy lunch for everyone and got safari hats and binoculars for the kids..... she was so organized. What can I say..... she is super mom!



They have a petting zoo there and just for kicks I thought I would show you the contrast in my girls reactions to the up close and personal interaction with wild DSC_2619life... so picture #1.... Bekah with the mommy  and baby dear...








Picture #2: Anna's reaction to the animals.....








I don't know if you can see it but there is a lion there..... just inches away from the kids. He was leaning up on the glass.... look behind Bekah's head and you can see it's mane....





And here is the whole group! We had such a fun time at the Wild Animal Park! Thanks Shad and Kate and happy birthday Jacob!                     


Merry Christmas!

We could not have asked for a better Christmas!

                   Here is a mini-scrapbook of the day...

 DSC_2418 DSC_2424DSC_2435

We started by opening presents at our house.... there were a few things that the girls were definitely excited about (as you can tell from the picture of Bekah) but the big moment of the morning was when we took them outside to see their new swing set!!! With the help of Grandpa and Grammy Nelson we were able to purchase this very exciting surprise. And it was even more exciting that we kept it a surprise! Josh and his dad set it up on Sunday and the girls had no clue! Bekah was even hesitant to leave to go to Grandpa and Grandma's for more presents. I think she thought the swing set might disappear if we left it. So after explaining that it is ours to keep and she can play on it EVERY day..... she was ready to go onto the next gift exchange....

DSC_2527 She was not disappointed... we went over to my parents house and had a wonderful time. It was quite a full house this year!

This was Anna's #1 gift EVER!!! She loved her Mickey car! She has found every button on it and loved being pushed around the house, while honking the horn! I don't think I have ever seen her like a toy this much... so thanks Grandpa and Grandma..... it's a winner!


We had a great day... Bekah helped Aunt Becky and Grandma in the kitchen. She made the salad.









Here Bekah is showing off her stylish outfit! The boots are from Mommy and Daddy..... oh how I wish they came in my size! ;)

This is our attempt at a family picture. As the family gets bigger all we can hope for is EVERYONE in the same photo.... everyone looking and smiling at the same time is just too much to ask. :)










After a delicious dinner of prime rib, turkey and lots of yummy sides we decided we should burn some calories..... so we took a walk. Our friends the Lee's were at Riva's parent's house, just a 3 minute walk from my parent's house..... so we dropped in to say Merry Christmas!


After our little stroll we came back to my parents and played a rousing game of Charades!

What a wonderful day we had! Good family, good food, good friends, great weather, gifts and most of all a GLORIOUS REASON TO CELEBRATE!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 24, 2007

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Christmas is here!!! Well, almost...... only an hour and a half to go. We finally got the girls to bed..... Anna around 9:00...Bekah...... well I think she is still awake. She was practically bouncing off the walls. The mixture of sugar and excitement pretty much guaranteed us a struggle at bed time. But, alaDSC_2364s..... I think she has finally headed  off to sleepy town. :)

Tonight we went to Church. There is something that is so wonderful about Christmas Eve services. It helps to ground us on a holiday that could easily be all about the "give me's", and gives us a clear reminder of who and what we are celebrating. The music, scripture reading and children's story time made for a beautiful service. After church, everyone came back to our house for soup and munchies. It was a wonderful gathering of both family and friends ( if I do say so myself). I really enjoy hosting gatherings in our own home, and although I am not ready for the task and responsibility of hosting Christmas day.... I feel like I can handle soup buffets pretty well. I am starting to feel like we are making some of our own traditions now and I hope my girls look back on all these moments with fond affection.DSC_2395

Well.... we are headed to bed.....

So...... Merry Christmas everyone!! hope that your Christmas Eve was truly special and that your Christmas day is full of very special moments!


I have to show you some pictures of the girls in their Christmas outfits...... (the hats are my favorite!!!)




Bekah insisted on wearing her ruby slippers with her outfit. They actually went perfectly!!

Pictures like this make me giddy about the fact that I have girls! :)


(Notice the dog in the bottom right hand corner..... going straight for the candy cane ;) )


Here's hoping we get more wonderful pictures tomorrow!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Singing the.... "kids got the flu".... blues.....

Is it Friday?....... Please tell me it is Friday!?........... Why am I so anxious for the weekend, you ask? Because weekends mean Daddy is home and Mommy has help! :) DSC_2314PTL!

This week my girls have been battling the flu. YUCK!!!!! On Monday we went to the Dr. for Anna's one year well check and by Tuesday we were going back to the Dr. for a not- so- well- check. (I think they picked it up from the toys at the Dr.'s office :(   ) It seems like we are over the worst and now we are in recovery mode. But I can tell you I am sick of sickness.  Poor kids..... Anna was especially not herself. Bekah seemed to only have the one day version of the virus. 

So.... now, I am praying that Josh and I stay healthy, especially with Christmas next Tuesday and praying my girls get back to their healthy, happy and energetic selves a.s.a.p..... but this week we have definitely been singin the "flu blues".DSC_2330

Here is one of my patients..... enjoying one of MANY Pedialite pops.

Lesson Learned:  From now on we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT play with the toys at the Doctors!!! And I have a newly revived passion for ANTIBACTIRIAL SOAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pardon Me While I Boast...

I just have to tell you that yesterday we found out that Josh has been named the ...Young Engineer of the Year by the American Society of Civil Engineers (Orange County Branch). There is no way that I could fully express how proud I am of my husband. He is totally deserving of this honor. Joshua is truly GREAT at what he does and I am constantly amazed by his "brain ability". However, beyond his engineering skill Josh brings something far more important to his job....integrity.

I could gush and just go on and on about my "boy wonder" but Josh is already hesitant about me blogging about this at all.... so I am trying to keep this short. I just had to share my excitement and let you all know that I AM BURSTING WITH PRIDE!


ASCE- Young Engineer of the Year (Orange County Branch)

We had to take a picture to send into ASCE.... Isn't he handsome?:)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Simply Sweet Festivities....


Today our friends the Hundertmarks had a girls only, Gingerbread House making party! Bekah was so excited about it and going to sleep last night was slightly difficult as she thought about  all the treats, sweets and party fun that awaited her in the morning.

At the party we all decorated our own gingerbread houses and Rebekah and Anna got mini- houses of their own to decorate.


I must say that I was overjoyed when I saw my Aunt walk up to the door. My mom was not able to be there and I was contemplating how I was going to decorate my house, and help Bekah decorate hers and hold Miss Squirmy at the same time.  So when I saw Aunt Becky I was so relieved as my girls love her and she is one that I can always count on for a helping hand. So thanks to her help and Janet helping Bekah decorate, the party ended up being a really fun and even relaxing.

    DSC_2272                DSC_2264

We had a great time and my girls definitely ate their weight in candy. I tried to keep Anna more interested in pretzels but she has discovered Christmas corn.






Here is our little gingerbread neighborhood.... We will see how long they stay in tact. Daddy has already snuck a nibble and between him, the dog, and two girls with sweet tooth's they may not last the weekend.


Here is Miss Bekah with one of the houses she decorated. Notice the sticky candy ring around her mouth....

(she insisted her house  have a back door. :) ) Fun memories!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Congratulations Lee Family!!!!!

We are so excited for our dear friends the Lees.... today they welcomed their 3rd child into the world.... Lynnea Noelle Lee.

What a beautiful bundle she isDSC_0228. We had the exciting privilege of visiting her (and her mom and dad) this evening. This baby could be a model for a porcelain doll. Precious does not begin to describe her. She has a head full of gorgeous raven black hair and the cutest dimples you have ever seen. She is as tiny as a peanut and as cute as a button. I must admit that just seeing her made me a little emotional as it was exactly one  year ago that we were in the hospital with our own little newborn. Where did time go?What a special and holy time those first few days are.


This little girl is coming into such a wonderful famDSC_0231ily and is so blessed to have parents that seek to honor God in every area of their lives. We are so excited to see this wonderful family grow and are looking forward to seeing little Lynnea's personality and character develop. I am sure it will not be long before she is in the mix of things and playing with her siblings. We pray for a smooth transition ,good health.... and also that the next days, months and years will be filled with God's blessings and special moments for this wonderful family.   


Congratulations Will, Riva, Mikayla and Tyler on the new addition! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!

Thursday, December 13, 2007




At 12:27pm today Anna Elizabeth was officially ONE!!!

At 12:27pm today Anna Elizabeth was officially napping!


Here she is this morning up to her normal daily activity of getting into everything and climbing on everything. Obstacle course of choice today was the dishwasher...


Yep, Anna was pretty oblivious to the fact, that today was her birthday but none the less I was not. I kept having moments of pause and thought. It is hard to believe that my baby is a year old. I  kept thinking about this same day a year ago. One of the best days of my life!

It is amazing how fast this year has flown by!



Here is the birthday girl with her big sis.....









Tonight we  had a Spaghetti dinner with Grandpa & Grandma Huckabone and Aunt Becky. Anna decided to wear her meal on her face. Quite the fashion statement. Here she is showing off her new purse from Aunt Becky. Tomato face, purse and Winnie the Pooh bib! Yep you are stylin!

So now... the birthday girl is tucked sweetly into bed and her mommy and daddy have a moment to reflect....

We thank the Lord for our precious Anna. She is such a gift and so uniquely.... Anna. She brings joy to our hearts and smiles to our faces. We pray for the Lord to make us parents that are worthy of this little girl and can't wait to see her grow into all that God wants her to be.

Happy Birthday Anna!  

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Play Day!

Today our friends Jonah and Javan had a special Christmas party at their house. They had a Halloween party in October too, and Rebekah has talked about their very exciting  backyard ever since. It was fun to see friends and it was a beautiful day for the kids to play outside. DSC_2099

Have I mentioned..... I love this weather!


Here is Bekah with some of her friends....


Marikka (the host) has two younger sisters that are just at the perfect age to be great helpers. I AM SOOOOOO JEALOUS! :)



They had a game there that involved  golf tees. Anna became VERY possessive of her handful and taking them from her resulted in just a little tantrum.... aaaahhhhh we are entering that stage.


Here is Miss Bekah..... all adorned with her festive "bling" :)....



and in the sand box....DSC_2120





what a fun day with friends!



ummmmm......... that looks painful....





DSC_2152 Always time for a little lovin....