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Saturday, December 29, 2007

And the Gift goes on.....

This Christmas has been spread out and over several days. It has been nice to have an eventful week and my favorite part is that Josh had four days off! We love when Daddy is home!

DSC_2768 Last night we continued the Christmas celebration

with the Nelson side of the family. The girls love being with their cousins and every year it seems the family grows, both in number and in energy level! There were 6 very excited and energetic kids in the house last night! All of Josh's siblings were there with spouses and children and Josh's grandma Nelson was able to join us from Minnesota. It is a rare occasion to have everyone together.


When Josh was a little boy it was somewhat of a family tradition  for the kids to act out the Christmas story.... last night the next generation took over and it was a performance that can only be described as ADORABLE! Rebekah graciously played the role of Mary (picture above: Mary and Joseph ( cousin Sammy) ). All the kids did a great Job and both Josh and I were very proud of our little actress. She was livin it up. This kind of thing is right up her alley! DSC_2821

Anna was chosen for the VERY IMPORTANT role of baby Jesus! It was nothing short of hilarious watching her try and squirm her way out of the manger. She didn't quite have the concept of the words "Silent Night.... all is calm... so tender and MILD"  and "Away in a manger...No crying he makes...." But all the same she was very cute and loved the buzz of attention she was receiving from her cousins.


DSC_2856Here is a picture of the cast!



After our reenactment of the first Christmas we went upstairs where the "wise men" (Daddy, Uncle Nathan and Uncle Tim) came and brought special gifts for all the kids! Bekah sat with a huge grin on her face as they came in the door singing "We Three Kings".


We finished off the night with MORE presents and yummy dessert! Anna seemed to be more interested in her cousin Peter's bag of goldfish



than the presents. It will be interesting to see the difference between this year and next year.  I am guessing that at Christmas 2008 (when she is 2) she will have a little different response to presents and such.....


The kids all got Disney pj's from Grandpa and Grammy Nelson, so of course we had to at least attempt to get a picture..... Hey you take what you can get! :)


It was a fun night with the Nelson clan. Great memories!

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  1. How fun is that-reenacting the Christmas story! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. We've missed seeing you lately. Somehow that must be remedied...