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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Play Day!

Today our friends Jonah and Javan had a special Christmas party at their house. They had a Halloween party in October too, and Rebekah has talked about their very exciting  backyard ever since. It was fun to see friends and it was a beautiful day for the kids to play outside. DSC_2099

Have I mentioned..... I love this weather!


Here is Bekah with some of her friends....


Marikka (the host) has two younger sisters that are just at the perfect age to be great helpers. I AM SOOOOOO JEALOUS! :)



They had a game there that involved  golf tees. Anna became VERY possessive of her handful and taking them from her resulted in just a little tantrum.... aaaahhhhh we are entering that stage.


Here is Miss Bekah..... all adorned with her festive "bling" :)....



and in the sand box....DSC_2120





what a fun day with friends!



ummmmm......... that looks painful....





DSC_2152 Always time for a little lovin....

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