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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Lovely Luau...

Ok..... so I think this is the longest blog EVER posted! But I had to show you all these picturesDSC_1833 ...
Yesterday was such a special day because it was Anna's first birthday party! We were inspired by our trip to Hawaii this past March to have a Luau. We found out while there that according to Hawaiian tradition the first birthday party is a huge deal and is usually the largest party a person will ever have. We didn't exactly have a LARGE party but we did have a little get together with some friends and family. DSC_1842 After worrying about rain all week, the weather ended up being gorgeous. I kept contemplating how I could possibly throw a Luau theme party INSIDE our little house. Thankfully we didn't have to do that. It almost felt like the sun was shining just for us!DSC_1873


We had a lot of fun... we had a bounce house, an indestructible piñata, a fishing game and a game of Limbo that EVERYONE participated in. (Even pregnant ladies and grandparents!)

We had  yummy "Hawaiian" food graciously prepared by the grandmas and cupcakes DSC_1879(graciously prepared by Sam's Club) :)



Here is Miss Rachel doing the Limbo at 7 months pregnant!




Anna could not have been in a better mood! She had such a happy and energetic attitude all day and she adored all the attention. She received sooooo many gifts and in addition to tons of toys she received a wardrobe of outfits! (Very needed) DSC_1911

And of course the birthday girl had to get in the action...


It was a wonderful day! It is so important to Josh and I that both of our girls know how much they are loved... by us, by others, and most of all by the Lord. I am sure that Anna is a little too young to realize it, but yesterday was such an example of the love that surrounds her. We are so thankful for our family and friends and yesterday they really showered our little girl with affection. DSC_1925

Anna was not shy about diving into her cake! She thoroughly enjoyed it and was willing to share with anyone! YUMMMMMMMMM........

Here she is sharing with grandpa! A gooey, sticky, sweet moment. DSC_1953













Hit that fish! This thing would not break! Anna was not about to be left out of the piñata experience and got extremely excited when all the candy spilled out! She even got a sucker after, which was not an easy thing to get away from her.........


Here she is while opening gifts. .. DSC_1999






She loved this hippo that the Hoff's got her! Sweet baby kisses...

DSC_2049 So you can see why I describe yesterday as "lovely"... we had "lovely" weather, "lovely" guests, a "lovely" time, and of course a "lovely" birthday girl!


Happy first birthday Anna!

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