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Monday, December 24, 2007

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Christmas is here!!! Well, almost...... only an hour and a half to go. We finally got the girls to bed..... Anna around 9:00...Bekah...... well I think she is still awake. She was practically bouncing off the walls. The mixture of sugar and excitement pretty much guaranteed us a struggle at bed time. But, alaDSC_2364s..... I think she has finally headed  off to sleepy town. :)

Tonight we went to Church. There is something that is so wonderful about Christmas Eve services. It helps to ground us on a holiday that could easily be all about the "give me's", and gives us a clear reminder of who and what we are celebrating. The music, scripture reading and children's story time made for a beautiful service. After church, everyone came back to our house for soup and munchies. It was a wonderful gathering of both family and friends ( if I do say so myself). I really enjoy hosting gatherings in our own home, and although I am not ready for the task and responsibility of hosting Christmas day.... I feel like I can handle soup buffets pretty well. I am starting to feel like we are making some of our own traditions now and I hope my girls look back on all these moments with fond affection.DSC_2395

Well.... we are headed to bed.....

So...... Merry Christmas everyone!! hope that your Christmas Eve was truly special and that your Christmas day is full of very special moments!


I have to show you some pictures of the girls in their Christmas outfits...... (the hats are my favorite!!!)




Bekah insisted on wearing her ruby slippers with her outfit. They actually went perfectly!!

Pictures like this make me giddy about the fact that I have girls! :)


(Notice the dog in the bottom right hand corner..... going straight for the candy cane ;) )


Here's hoping we get more wonderful pictures tomorrow!

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