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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pictures, Party Planning, Play Time, etc.

This has been quite a week already! We have had enough go on in the last 3 days to fill up two weeks. I will spare you all the sorted details and just fill you in on a couple of the happenings this week. On Sunday we went down to Huntington Beach and took our Christmas pictures. I have had an idea in my mind for probably 3 years or so and I have either been too lazy or too pregnant in past years to make it come about.... so this year I was bound and determined to make my idea reality. My wonderful friend Katie was our photographer and even though it was FREEZING cold and the girls are getting more resistant to picture taking ... we came away with a few keepers (it only took us about 80 shots). After pictures we went out to Soup Plantation with the Rogers' family. I am not usually a big Soup Plantation fan but I must say it is the absolute best bang for your buck when feeding kids! ($1.69 for 3-7 year olds and under 3 is FREE!!!!) And besides... any time out with our friends is always fun.

a preview of our Christmas 2007 pictures!

Our Girls

One of the good ones.....

I told you it was COLD!!! Here is Anna shielding herself from the wind by cuddling with her sister! Too Cute :)

On Monday morning Anna woke up sounding something like a barking seal and after a trip to the doctors it was confirmed she has croup. This could not come at a worse time as we are getting ready for her 1st birthday party this weekend. As the doctor was telling me to keep her home for at least a couple of days my mind was spinning with all the things I need to do, that must now be altered. So... after a completely MANIC Monday including.... car trouble, bad weather forecasts, lost shoes and several moments of panic.... I really just felt the Lord was telling me, "Emily! Slow down, calm down and remember what is important." So I have tried to put things into perspective.... my daughters health is obviously priority right now and she ,thankfully, is doing a little better. As for the party this weekend... it will be what it will be. I can't strive for perfection just strive for excellence.... and excellence without going overboard is key. WOW!! All that and it is only Wednesday!

After our trip to the Dr. on Monday, Bekah has wanted to be one. Here she is in her white "coat" and ready for the next patient. Some how I always end up being the one she wants to practice medicine on and she gets quite frustrated when she asks me "what's wrong with you?" and I say "Nothing! I feel great!". And if I say I have some ailment she doesn't approve of ... she will come up with her own version of symptoms I am "supposedly" feeling. :)

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  1. Em,

    The pictures look great! Can't wait to see the final one. So sorry about your week, though.