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Thursday, December 13, 2007




At 12:27pm today Anna Elizabeth was officially ONE!!!

At 12:27pm today Anna Elizabeth was officially napping!


Here she is this morning up to her normal daily activity of getting into everything and climbing on everything. Obstacle course of choice today was the dishwasher...


Yep, Anna was pretty oblivious to the fact, that today was her birthday but none the less I was not. I kept having moments of pause and thought. It is hard to believe that my baby is a year old. I  kept thinking about this same day a year ago. One of the best days of my life!

It is amazing how fast this year has flown by!



Here is the birthday girl with her big sis.....









Tonight we  had a Spaghetti dinner with Grandpa & Grandma Huckabone and Aunt Becky. Anna decided to wear her meal on her face. Quite the fashion statement. Here she is showing off her new purse from Aunt Becky. Tomato face, purse and Winnie the Pooh bib! Yep you are stylin!

So now... the birthday girl is tucked sweetly into bed and her mommy and daddy have a moment to reflect....

We thank the Lord for our precious Anna. She is such a gift and so uniquely.... Anna. She brings joy to our hearts and smiles to our faces. We pray for the Lord to make us parents that are worthy of this little girl and can't wait to see her grow into all that God wants her to be.

Happy Birthday Anna!  

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  1. she is so sweet! I can't believe the dishwasher doesn't break with her on it. That's crazy! Check out the one I started. I am going to try and keep it up. We'll see!