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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Simply Sweet Festivities....


Today our friends the Hundertmarks had a girls only, Gingerbread House making party! Bekah was so excited about it and going to sleep last night was slightly difficult as she thought about  all the treats, sweets and party fun that awaited her in the morning.

At the party we all decorated our own gingerbread houses and Rebekah and Anna got mini- houses of their own to decorate.


I must say that I was overjoyed when I saw my Aunt walk up to the door. My mom was not able to be there and I was contemplating how I was going to decorate my house, and help Bekah decorate hers and hold Miss Squirmy at the same time.  So when I saw Aunt Becky I was so relieved as my girls love her and she is one that I can always count on for a helping hand. So thanks to her help and Janet helping Bekah decorate, the party ended up being a really fun and even relaxing.

    DSC_2272                DSC_2264

We had a great time and my girls definitely ate their weight in candy. I tried to keep Anna more interested in pretzels but she has discovered Christmas corn.






Here is our little gingerbread neighborhood.... We will see how long they stay in tact. Daddy has already snuck a nibble and between him, the dog, and two girls with sweet tooth's they may not last the weekend.


Here is Miss Bekah with one of the houses she decorated. Notice the sticky candy ring around her mouth....

(she insisted her house  have a back door. :) ) Fun memories!

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