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Friday, December 21, 2007

Singing the.... "kids got the flu".... blues.....

Is it Friday?....... Please tell me it is Friday!?........... Why am I so anxious for the weekend, you ask? Because weekends mean Daddy is home and Mommy has help! :) DSC_2314PTL!

This week my girls have been battling the flu. YUCK!!!!! On Monday we went to the Dr. for Anna's one year well check and by Tuesday we were going back to the Dr. for a not- so- well- check. (I think they picked it up from the toys at the Dr.'s office :(   ) It seems like we are over the worst and now we are in recovery mode. But I can tell you I am sick of sickness.  Poor kids..... Anna was especially not herself. Bekah seemed to only have the one day version of the virus. 

So.... now, I am praying that Josh and I stay healthy, especially with Christmas next Tuesday and praying my girls get back to their healthy, happy and energetic selves a.s.a.p..... but this week we have definitely been singin the "flu blues".DSC_2330

Here is one of my patients..... enjoying one of MANY Pedialite pops.

Lesson Learned:  From now on we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT play with the toys at the Doctors!!! And I have a newly revived passion for ANTIBACTIRIAL SOAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Poor babies! wathcing your kids vomit is the most helpless feeling a parent can have. Hope they feel better REALLY soon or Christmas will not be the same. oh, if you need some air sickness bags for your car, I have more then enough to spare!