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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wild Animal Park...

To celebrate our godson Jacob's fourth birthday we went on a little adventure today to the Wild Animal Park! For having 6 kids four and under we had a pretty smooth day. The Wild Animal Park has undergone some changes since we last visited ( no more FREE tram tour :( ) so we were a little sad about that. But we did get to see gorillas, cheetahs, a Lion just inches away (behind glass) and an eagle doing flight exercises! The kids had a great time and DSC_2670speaking for the adults I think it was an enjoyable day all around... and a wonderful way to celebrate a great little guy. Happy birthday Jake, we love you!!!!


Here is the birthday boy! It is hard to believe it has been four years...... he is 8 weeks older than Bekah...so it is fun to see them grow together.  They grow too fast! DSC_2592                                      


Katie made a yummy lunch for everyone and got safari hats and binoculars for the kids..... she was so organized. What can I say..... she is super mom!



They have a petting zoo there and just for kicks I thought I would show you the contrast in my girls reactions to the up close and personal interaction with wild DSC_2619life... so picture #1.... Bekah with the mommy  and baby dear...








Picture #2: Anna's reaction to the animals.....








I don't know if you can see it but there is a lion there..... just inches away from the kids. He was leaning up on the glass.... look behind Bekah's head and you can see it's mane....





And here is the whole group! We had such a fun time at the Wild Animal Park! Thanks Shad and Kate and happy birthday Jacob!                     


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