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Monday, December 29, 2008

a slight……. UH OH!

Yesterday we decided to have a peaceful family day at the park. The weather was gorgeous and we just had to put those wonderful new fishing poles the girls got to use. So after we set up our picnic and fishing sight and ate a little lunch Bekah and daddy got ready to cast their first line. While they were preparing Anna had other plans and ran off to a nearby and not so nearby play ground. I (being the only parent not occupied) ran after her. She decided she did not want to come down off the fun slide and so Mommy was forced to climb up after her. I grabbed her and on the way down this happened……..

DSC_0296 I fell and heard a pop! The pain registered just under that of child labor ( that still wins) ! I screamed for Josh! (He said it echoed through the park) Thankfully I broke Anna’s fall and she was not harmed.

We ended up spending the day in the emergency room and I felt awful especially since Bekah wanted so badly to fish and my little accident happened at the same moment she was about to cast out for the first time. I am happy to say that it is not broken (which we originally thought). I have a bad sprain and there is the possibility of torn ligaments. Don’t you love my little sausage- like foot all puffy? So today the girls and I are watching movies in the living room and I am stationed on the couch.

Bekah has been beyond sweet and keeps giving me hugs and saying…. “You are going to be just fine mommy, I am going to take care of everything.” “Don’t worry mommy I will tidy up the house.” “ What do you need mommy?”


Bekah seems to have the hang of the crutches a lot better than I do. Josh has had quite a few laughs at my expense on these things. He thinks I am likely to cause further injury to myself trying to get around with them.  :) Hoping to be up and around in the next few days. OUCH! :)

After the last 4 posts maybe you can tell why I am a little behind on my blogging. ;)

Wrightwood or Mt. EVEREST?

What a Saturday we had! We had the wonderfully original idea to go to the snow! Well at least we thought it was original. However, it would seem that the entirety of Southern California had the EXACT same idea. It took us double the time it should to get to Wrightwood and once we got there it felt like we had climbed Everest. The girls loved the snow and our hour or two all bundled up was, indeed, fun. Sledding, snow balls and a couple snow angels helped ease our stress after our LONG drive up the hill. And then it was time to make  the trek home and we would find that our trip up was nothing in comparison to what we would encounter on out way down. I won’t go into all the details but I will just say…… we left at around 4:15 and got home sometime around 10:30p.m. YEP! Thankfully we got some great pictures and enjoyed time with good friends. Thanks Jeff, Valerie and James for making the climb with us. I think I can say I will remember our day in the snow for a long time to come.




DSC_0258 Got stuck in the snow…..





A very Nelson Christmas….

On Friday we celebrated Christmas with the Nelson side of the family. Such a joy to have everyone together. Here are some pictures of our time together…

DSC_0159Rebekah and Sam looking angelic…



An almost complete cast.








A very enthusiastic shepherd.






One of the three kings.





Of course we have a matching pajama pictures. :)



The girls pose for a final picture to show their matching Tinkerbelle outfits.

Merry Christmas!

Well my Christmas tidings are a tad late… but the Nelsons do, indeed, send you all the warmest of Christmas greetings.

Our Christmas was busy, fun filled, joy filled, food filled, and just fabulous. Hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating our Savior’s birth.



The girls before we went to Christmas Eve services.

DSC_0108In the morning. We opened presents and Rebekah finally got her fishing pole. (It has been on her wish list for months.) 

Anna shoulder deep in her stocking.

DSC_0092 And here she is taking a ride on her new “roller coaster.”

DSC_0114 Rebekah sporting the outfit of her choosing of for the day. The helmet might give you a little hint as to another gift Rebekah received.

DSC_0132 After gifts at our house we headed over to Grandpa and Grandma’s house for a day of gifts, food and family.


A rainy day required us to improvise for space to play with new “outdoor” toys.

Anna loved her new roller coaster and below you can see her laying on the tracks to protest Bekah’s turn.

DSC_0144 It was a a fun day. I was sad to see it end. But how blessed we are to know (personally) the REASON FOR THE SEASON. Our family plans to celebrate HIM all year long.

Monday, December 22, 2008

One More Visit to Sea World

One of our trips to Sea World this past summer included a return visit, if we used the tickets by the end of the year. So with the end of the year being….. next week, we decided to go down to San Diego yesterday for the day. Here are some shots of our trip. (It was a beautiful day!)


Anna lookin so diva-like.


The best seat in the house.

DSC_0037 Anna and mommy on the flying fish.



Our version of a polar bear growl.

DSC_0053 Looking at the white whale.


Bekah is getting pretty good at taking pictures.

DSC_0072 By the end of the day, it was just a tad on the chilly side. Bekah was complaining that her nose and lips were cold. This was mommy’s solution.

I think the Quiver is FULL!

On Saturday evening we went to Josh’s grandparent’s home for our first family Christmas celebration. Josh’s grandparents have 6 children, 14 grandchildren and (so far) 9 great grandchildren. (If I am counting correctly) So once you add in spouses you have a full house.

Pretty much the entire clan was there on Saturday, I think 36 in total (there were a few that weren’t able to join us and they were missed.) The house was tight with people but it was a treat to have the chance to see everyone. The girls had a blast playing with cousins and I know Josh enjoys getting to chat with his cousins, aunts and uncles. A good time had by all.

What a blessing for Bill and June (Josh’s grandparents) to look at there home bursting at the seams with loved ones. One day, I hope to have a house just as full. 

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them

Psalm 127:3-5 (KJV)


Anna was in pure heaven being chased by cousins. I love that laugh.

DSC_0026 Pretty much what the evening consisted of:  Wrestling with cousins, running with cousins, laughing with cousins, jumping with cousins and well…… you get the picture.

Below: Anna about to hit Christian with the pillow.




What do you mean, that sweater doesn’t come in my size!?

Being a mother of two little girls gives me plenty of reasons to shop. (Or at least WANT to shop.) There are countless times when I have been shopping for myself and out of  frustration from not finding anything, or not fitting into anything I meander over to the little girls section where I will almost always find something for my little dollies. These sweaters were at Target last week and I just couldn’t resist. ( I am a total sucker for black and white.)

So anyways here are some fun pictures of the girls after we put up our Christmas lights (finally) this past Saturday. 

DSC_0121 DSC_0120




Yay! The Christmas lights are up! Good Job Daddy!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I H-A-T-E Ants!!!!!!

For the last two days I have been battling these awful creatures!!!!!

The rain comes down and the ants come in! Just when you think you have them beat they discover another hole or crack to come through. So frustrating. So today we are calling in professional help. They will be here between 2:00 and 4:00 and I will joyful watch all our little house invaders die a quick death! ( Can you tell I am a little overwhelmed?) Maybe after the ants are gone I can resume a normal life and blog about happy things once again. But until then I am in the trenches of the Ant Wars!!!!!!!! 



Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just yesterday……

…………………………………………….Wasn’t it?



Anna Elizabeth Nelson

Born on:

December 13,2006

12:27 p.m.

How fast time flies by……….

Happy 2nd Birthday Anna!




Today our baby turned 2! How quickly these last two years have gone! Our day started with traditional doughnuts in bed and singing the birthday song. Anna was a little dazed at first but it is amazing what chocolate and presents can do to wake a body up. After thoroughly checking out her new cash register she dove into the double chocolate doughnut. 



The rest of the day was busy getting ready for Anna’s special birthday dinner. We had a low key celebration with some family. We decorated gingerbread houses, had yummy soup (perfect for a cold day), opened presents and had cake. The birthday girl seemed pleased, and so did her older sister.


You would have thought by Bekah’s giddiness that it was her birthday!























The birthday girl got a Sleeping Beauty dress just like her big sissy has and a princess bear to match,among other fun gifts. Above the birthday princess enjoys a dance with grandpa.





And here the girls are post birthday dinner enjoying their sleeping bags (Anna’s a gift from Grandpa and Grandma) and watching Horton Hears a Who.

Here is our gingerbread neighborhood……

…….. guess which one is Anna’s…….




And one more shot of the star of the day.



Happy Birthday, sweet Anna!