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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Aquarium:


So as promised here is my post about our trip to the aquarium:

We wanted to do some sort of outing this past weekend and after moments of indecision and choices such as Disneyland (again), going to the snow or maybe the zoo..... we decided on the Long Beach Aquarium. Both girls had a great time. Anna seems to  get an almost uncontainable giddiness at the sight of a fish bowl, let alone  tanks large enough to hold sharks and seals! She was running from tank to tank and kept pointing and saying ....."WOW!" 

Here the girls are getting blown away by an air blowing shark! So much for cute hair do's.


There is nothing I love more than time with my family......











Anna would have without a doubt taken a swim with the stingrays. Josh let her put her hand in and she would surely have taken a plunge if we had let her. Rebekah was cautiously excited about the sea creatures and although she would say she wanted to touch one the minute one would come her way her hand was out of the water.


After a couple hours at the aquarium we took a little walk around the harbor there. There is a  beautiful park  right next to the aquarium that has a light house and incredible views  DSC_3974

of the Queen Mary and Shoreline Village.

There is a sizable hill in the park as well and my girls could have easily spent an entire day rolling down it. Unfortunately for them mommy wasn't so excited about the possibility of itchy rashes and sizable grass stains so after about 15- 20 minutes of rolling and rolling and rolling and.......well you get the picture ,we headed to Shoreline Village for some ice  cream.  DSC_4006

BEAUTIFUL does not begin to describe the weather on Saturday. It was crystal clear outside and just the right mixture of sunshine and breeze. I just could not stop taking pictures! Josh is trying to figure out a way to best keep up with my picture taking addiction (he....... I mean..... some might say it is a little out of hand). It is just that... beautiful days like this seem to almost sparkle on film and I truly love capturing as many moments (from the ordinary to extraordinary) as possible.




  1. LOVE IT! I cant wait to be a picture taking freak like you!!!!!

  2. I love the pictures...only in magazines do you see kids rolling down hills like that. It's great! You inspire me...any recommendations on good cameras?

  3. What a fun day! You've inspired me and on the next sunny day we are going to copy your outing exactly. ;)