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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


For the past two years we have had the privilege of enjoying Disneyland passes (thanks Mom and Dad). Our passes expire in February and we are not renewing them until April (at least that is the "plan").DSC_3647 Anyways we are trying to get as much Disney in as possible and so we have planned several "DISNEY DAYS" in the next couple of weeks. Today was the first of them and we met some of our friends from church there. ("We" being the girls and I).   DSC_3666We had a marvelous time and Bekah kept saying......"I HAVE NEVER GONE TO DISNEYLAND WITH THIS MANY FRIENDS, MOMMY!!!!!" She was excited, to say the least.

Anna is really starting to want to be one of the big kids and anytime they are out and walking she wants to be doing the same. We went on "It's a Small World"  (a favorite). Now in my experience.... most kids find this ride totally enthralling even somewhat soothing. When Bekah was a baby she would sit in awe of the classic ride and just stare at every detail and not move an inch. NOT ANNA!!!!!! She just sees the 15 minute "cruise around the world" as an attempt to hold her back. About...... hmmmmmm........ 1 minute into it she had had enough and was not at all happy that mommy would not let her get out of the boat. GOSH! You can't keep this child still, she would have GLADLY jumped overboard and taken a swim!  DSC_3688

In the past ....... Bekah has been somewhat curious but overall not willing to stand with characters (unless it is a princess or Mickey or Minnie) and get her picture taken. However, today she told me...... "Mommy..... I think I am ready to go say hi to Eyore....." (in a very serious tone) So we did. Such a brave girl. :)DSC_3691




On our way out of the park we stopped for a little refreshment. I just wanted to show you my child's skills. Look at her with that big girl cup and guess what...... no spills :).



So today was a fun day. And we are looking forward to several more "Disney-days" ahead. Should be fun!!! 


  1. You are the quintessential Mom Emily - I love it!!


  2. I think mom and dad are finally taking me to Disneyland this morning - you guys make it look so fun! We haven't been on the new "Nemo" ride yet, so I told my mommy we could go today.

  3. Hey Emily,
    This is Katie Swift (O'Brien) (Your "Cousin".) I saw from your parents Christmas letter this year that you had a website. I just wanted to let you know that your girls are absolutely adorable! Your family is so sweet. It's really neat that you made a webpage like this. I also have 2 daughters. Madison is 6 and Molly is 14 months. I have to show you a picture of Molly. You would not believe how much Molly and Anna look alike. I showed my Mom and my husband and they could not believe it. Email me with your email and I can send you some pictures. It's pretty cool actually. My email is:
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Love, Katie