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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Drum Roll Please.....

Today we had two monumental events take place! ( Well at least monumental for us.) Ok get ready here it goes.................. TODAY........................ Rebekah Kate................


MADE HER OWN BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Words cannot fully describe the pride I felt when I saw what she had done. I felt successful as mother. I felt pride because..... well..... look how sweet and gifted my child is that she would do this without being asked. I felt heard as a person, a person who is always instructing my offspring and not quite sure if it is sinking in. Imagine my joy when I thought about all those times of telling Bekah how to make her bed.... and go figure......... she was actually................ listening!!!! 


I can only imagine the excitement and pride I will feel at the other "big steps" in her life. I am telling you if the emotion I feel at  her college graduation is anything like the elation I felt this morning it will be an absolutely overwhelming and amazing day!


The other thing that is worthy of note is... tonight (in the pouring rain) we went and got Rebekah's hair cut. She has been saying for over a week that she doesn't want her long hair anymore and that she wants short hair.  :(

She told me today:


" Mommy....... It's ok to get my hair cut because I have seen princesses with short hair."


"Well Mommy if your hair gets too long it will drag in the parking lot! And you DON'T want that...... right mommy?"


How could I argue with reasoning like that. I tried several times to convince her to keep her long hair and then it dawned on me......... EVERY morning we engage in a battle of wills over her hair. EVERY day I am the one who has to brush through her mass of tangles as she screams and wiggles. And I realized it would be in my favor if we got her hair cut and sooooo........... WE DID! :)





Here is the final product! Doesn't she look so grown up? I was a little concerned as she sat in the salon chair.  She sat there with a VERY serious expression and did exactly what the stylist said without ONE word. I was hoping she wasn't regretting her / our decision.



But her reaction after she was done made it very clear she was  completely happy with the results!



She is such a ham. After I took the picture above she strikes a pose and says...... "how do I look?!"

( Can you tell mommy watches the STYLE network?) :)

Gotta love it!

So it was a big day for Rebekah Kate. I feel like she has grown a year just since this morning. I can't say it enough.



  1. SO CUTE!!! It does make them seem older when their hair is cut. Where have our babies gone?? I'm so proud of her for making her bed. You're doing a great job, Em!

  2. What a grown up girl! Way to go, Bekah! And a very cute cut.