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Monday, January 14, 2008

I Can ONLY Imagine.....

Tonight we had the Lee children while Will and Riva went out for a bit.... As our kids played with the utmost of contentment and I held a little one month old I thought to myself. Hmmmmm........ what if....... what if we had 5 kids!!!???? I am sure most moments while raising 5 children would not be as peaceful as tonight was. But IF tonight was any indication I think I could handle it. ;) I know, I know..... those of you with more than 2 children are laughing out loud. I am just saying that TONIGHT was about as peaceful a night as you can get. You would have never known that there were 5 children under the age of 5 in the house.


Bekah was enthralled by her company and we almost didn't hear a peep come out of the play room. ALL of those Christmas presents are finally getting the proper play time attention.  And NO this post is in NO WAY an indication that we are planning to have 5 little ones. I am truly saying I can ONLY imagine.......


  1. If you get a hankerin' to try 6, just let me know!

  2. thank you SOOOOO much for letting us get out for a bit. You guys are awesome. Now all Tyler can say is, "go to Bekah house?" Look what you started...

  3. You are crazy! Our motto is "two and through!"

  4. I seem to remember a conversation that involved 12 kids. Changed your mind or was that Josh once upon a time?