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Sunday, January 20, 2008

in one word.......

As inspired by those cellphone commercials that combine multiple names of locations to give a long one word name for "your network", Josh and I were trying to come up with one word that would describe this past week.........

Before we give you the words we came up with I will give you just a little glimpse of this weeks happenings (besides the activities I have already blogged about).......

The girls and I hosted 2 "play-days" at our house this week....


Bekah being the social creature she is thrives on any time she gets to spend with friends so this week was extra special as it was filled with fun "get- together's".











We celebrated my grandma's 74th birthday!


We went over to my parents for dessert on Wednesday night to have a mini-celebration for grandma's birthday! (actually on the 18th)

My girls are always excited to go to Grandpa and Grandma's house and when "Carmel Pizza" and "Chocolate Cookies" are on the menu they are even more happy to visit. DSC_3710







Disney Day #2:

When I said earlier this week that I had planned several Disney Days in the near future, I was not kidding. We had two days at the "magic kingdom" this week and the second was just as fun as the first. We went DSC_3722with our friends Shanna, Kate and Luke. Bekah and Kate got to play tambourines in a show and Anna rode the carousel for the first time!









A Night Out:

There aren't any pictures for this one but it is still worth mentioning. Josh and I were able to get away for a bit and enjoy some social time without children. We went to  an informal get together with our friends the Reeves and Eastmans. It is always a delight to spend time with people who are not only fun, funny and easy to talk to but also people who are wonderful at encouraging us in our marriage, parenting and faith. True friends.


Construction Zone:

In addition to the running here and there and having friends over we have had a bit of construction going on around here. Our neighbors decided to put a block wall up and replace an old chain-link fence.  We are excited for this upgrade and looking forward to it's completion (hopefully tomorrow.) Can't wait to post finished pictures!


Long Beach Aquarium:

To finish off our week we made a visit to Long Beach today including a few hours at the aquariumDSC_3866.


It was such a wonderful day it deserves another post of it's own

( which I will save for later.)







So all that being said...... you can see that it is a pretty large task to describe our week in one word. But here are the ones we came up with...... how about...







and now that you can tell that we have entirely to much time on our hands I think that the best word to describe our week would  most likely be..........................



  1. How do you do everything? You guys are so busy all the time! Also, how do you get the pictures to overlap and the writing to wrap around? I can't get it right!!!!!Help me out O Master Blogger!

  2. The carmel pizza looks good - and you guys are busy...confirmed.

  3. Such fun-filled days! I love Anna's hair in the aquarium picture. So cute!