"Bottling up both the sweet and tart of life's most precious moments. "

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Well yesterday was the BIG birthday! It was a big day not only because our Rebekah turned four but also because our friends the Reeves welcomed their daughter Kensington Jane into the world! We are so excited for Sean and Rachel! Rebekah keeps telling me..... "Mommy, I think Rachel's baby and me need to have a party together."  We'll see about that...... but we truly ARE thrilled for the Reeves family!

As for the events on Rebekah's birthday.... we had a full day.

We started off the morning with our traditional doughnuts.... in the shape of a number 4. The birthday girl was more than willing to wake up for a sweet treat.



Anna wanted to eat doughnuts in bed too.... Yummmmmmmmmmmmm!!

After breakfast the girls and I ran to Target for a couple of necessities and Rebekah was giddy when I told her she could pick out a movie to take home. One guess as to what kind of video she chose....... if you guessed "something princess", you would be right on the money! DSC_4589

Well there are only a few places that rate as high as Disneyland for Rebekah. One of those chosen few is "di-kayla's house" (that is what Rebekah calls Mikayla Lee.) So she was overcome with excitement when I told her that we were going there for a play day on her birthday. She was in heaven. The kids tasted cookie dough, played till their hearts content, ate chicken nuggets and watched (Bekah's first time) Beauty and the Beast. Now the Mommies........ (this is where you would hear the mischievous laugh) enjoyed not only a couple hours of intelligent conversation but they also enjoyed..... sushi!!!! It was wonderful!Friends, well behaved kids and Crunch Rolls... who could ask for more!?


Why is it that birthday's seem to usually center around food? I don't mean for this post to sound like all we did was eat yesterday but alas I can't fight it..... It was a good day with good eats. :)

When daddy came home we headed out for a celebratory dinner at Red Robin. Birthday coupons are great incentive. We had a pleasant evening out with the girls and I think that Rebekah would say she had a GREAT birthday especially after the staff at the restaurant brought her out an ice cream sundae.



THE fourth birthday has been a little hard for me as I can't argue that she STILL is a baby.... anymore.All those remaining "baby" type things are quickly fading away and being replaced by everything "little girl." And this concept is really hard for me to grasp.... only one more year before kindergarten. (Say it isn't so.)


This will be my last post for February 2008 as I am going on the Women's Retreat with my church this weekend. I am feeling a combination of excitement (for time to relax, and be renewed) and nervousness (as this is the first time I have left the girls with Josh.) I know he will do great. It will, however, be interesting to see the state of Rebekah's hair at the end of the weekend. :)

So it HAS ,indeed, been a FANTASTIC February... with fabulous birthdays, fun play days and great outings. I do think that this month did have a little more sickness than we would have cared for, and I am hoping for a virus and bacteria free March... but overall it really was a good month! See you all in March! :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Groovy Sisters....



Tonight the girls were playing with Rebekah's "Groovy Girls". For her birthday, Rebekah recieved a  couple of things to add to her collection. (THANK YOU HOLLAND FAMILY!)

In addition to putting their plush toys in the brand new "cabana", the girls decided to give it a try themselves. Anna seemed to be able to make the squeeze a little bit better, but was still a tad too big. Rebekah was able to fit her backside in. :)DSC_4566

They thought it was quite funny. One of my favorite sounds is hearing them laugh together.

I am really enjoying seeing my girls playing together, loving each other and especially seeing how they are coming to depend on each other's companionship. For example...... Anna is 10 times easier to get to sleep when Bekah is in the room, and since Anna has been old enough to play Rebekah has been a lot less dependent on me as her only play partner.I hope ,as they grow, that they will continue to "NEED" each other and consider their relationship one that is special and of the utmost importance.


One GROOVY almost-four-year-old!!!



So tonight is the last night of Rebekah being 3! She is very excited about her birthday and tonight over dinner we retold the story of the night before her birth. She loves hearing any story that involves her. :)

Tonight she asked in a very polite way to wear her ballet outfit to bed. Well since she is THE birthday girl, I obliged her request. She was full of energy come bed time and I am thinking that our little ballerina may not fall asleep until it is actually her birthday. Needless to say I had to get a couple more pictures of Rebekah Kate at 3 years old. I feel like tonight Rebekah is saying good bye to baby-hood and is truly now a little girl.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I Hope I NEVER Forget.......

As my girls seem to grow and change at race car speed, I find that it is too easy to forget the little phases they go through or the little things that make them so cute  right now at ages one and four. I want to take all of their idiosyncrasies, phrases and phases and somehow embed them in my mind. I want to preserve each moment so that I can keep a piece of this precious time in life.


So I have a little list..... I may add to this list in the future so we'll call this my....

Memory Preservation List: (Part 1:)

I hope I never forget.....

..... that Anna's little feet are so ticklish, she giggles when you just take her socks off.

..... that even at age 4, Rebekah melts when I wrap her in a blanket and rock her.

..... that Anna has two squishy blankets that she carries with her everywhere and they have been loved so much they are now a shade of gray rather than pink.

..... that when Rebekah wants to be held SHE says " I want to hold you".

..... that both of my girls first word was "DOG"

...... that at this time Rebekah can buckle  and unbuckle her own seatbelt (a five point harness) but 9 times out of 10 doesn't get her shoes on the right feet.

..... that at 14 months old... when you say the word "bath" to Anna she lifts her shirt and nods her head yes.

....that Rebekah says the word "FORGOT"....... "GOT- FOR". for example she will say....  "Mommy, I got-for my jacket."

I know that these little things are not of major significance. But they are all so dear to me. Writing them down tonight is my way of preserving them.



Just a few moments in our day.....

This morning I walked in the living room to find Anna devouring a bag of runts candy. Where did she get them? You ask?...... I don't know. The fact that they are a choking hazard,she was covered in a sticky mess, and I wasn't quite sure if what she had in her mouth had already been in the dogs mouth did not deter me from taking a picture. She thought it was so funny.( That is of course until I took them away) Thankfully she still had on her bib from breakfast and was quick to get over it when I handed her a shortbread cookie.


Tonight we finally cut into Bekah's birthday cake. We had so much dessert at the party the cake was more of a traditional ornament. Rebekah was very excited to eat it tonight, but only after we (for the second time) sang "The Birthday Song" and blew out candles.


I think my girls are both starting to really feel better after what seems to be a couple months of sickness. They both were so pleasant today and just seemed so content. I don't think I had to wipe a nose more than once today! :)

Of course by the time Anna finished her cake she was covered in pink frosting....


and as the butter cream icing was a little difficult to get off in the bath tub, I am hoping that it acts as a good moisturizer.




Happy memories!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Four, Fabulous and just a tad.......... Fickle.

So today after a lot of preparing,  a sizable amount of organizing, a thorough  house cleaning and several pink purchases we had our long awaited BEKAH'S -FOURTH- BIRTHDAY- TEA- PARTY.


Bekah has literally been bouncing off the walls in anticipation of this party. She has been praying for her party at bed time prayers and has asked me probably 50 times a day how much longer until her "birthday tea party." So this morning she was early to rise and more than eager to get into her pretty pink dress.



As the guests arrived today Rebekah was full of smiles and excitement.Each of the girls had pretty pink hats and pretty pink gloves. We had a pretty pink cake and several more pink frills. (Are you sensing a theme?) Bekah was thrilled with it all and was loving being surrounded by all her girlfriends. (Did I mention it was a "girls only party.")

However at some point (this is where the "fickle" part comes in) Rebekah's smiles turned to a tantrum. I am not sure if it was over- stimulation, possible exhaustion, or if being the center of attention was just too much to handle. (I doubt that one;)  )


So...this is her reaction to the "Birthday Song". Is this what the song..... "It's my party and I can cry if I want to..." was talking about?Not sure, but the thoughts going through my head were ....." It's your party BUT you ARE going to have fun, wether you like it or NOT!!!!" Well thankfully the spell was momentary and I was reassured by loving friends and family that one day I will laugh about this.

Children are most definitely unpredictable.




Of course the Birthday Girl was all smiles when it was time for presents. Here she is with THE coveted Sleeping Beauty dress from Grandpa and Grandma. She has been wearing it since the party ended and I am thinking that we will most likely have to peel it off of her when it is time to go to bed.



Bekah recieved so many thoughtful gifts. All of them right up her alley. She has been going through it all post nap and has already painted a pretty princess picture. THANKS JENNA!!!


Anna got all dressed up in her pink and brown and felt like such a big girl sitting at the big girl table, eating her tea sandwiches, and of course nibbling on cookies.


The swing set was a huge success today and we were blessed to have a nice day for a little play time outside. The threat of rain made me nervous. :)



So our Miss Rebekah is not quite four (still four days to go), so I will have to enjoy these last few days of her being 3.  Overall we had a fabulous birthday celebration and especially after dealing with a "fickle and unpredictable" little girl....I can completely say that it was a celebration to remember. Happy birthday Rebekah! May all your birthdays be just as FABULOUS as this one!


DSC_4339 Over the past week we have been doing breathing treatments for Anna every 3-4 hours. I am not complaining as I know that this is not the worst it could be; and I also know that this is helping Anna get better. Needless to say we have had to make some adjustments in our every day routine. The change in daily life is easy in comparison to trying to get a 14 month old to SIT STILL for 10-15 minutes. As this is new for Anna she has no ability to understand that it is a necessary evil and is in no way willing to JUST sit! So imagine my excitement when we stumbled upon the miracle sedative.It comes in the very peppy, very puppy package of BLUES CLUES. I am blown away that I didn't think of this sooner. Josh is actually the one that thought to turn it on. It never occurred to me to use TV as a distraction as Anna has NEVER shown an interest in anything  on television. And she still shows NO interest in anything on television....really we've tested it. She is only drawn in by BLUE. I tried Sesame Street, Veggies Tales, and Curious George...... she could have cared less. So BLUE it is. And all I can say is whatever floats Anna's boat. As long as she is content to sit still and endure the "treatment."


Had to show you this......

On Thursday my in-laws  took Bekah and her cousin Sammy to Disneyland and Build-a- Bear for Bekah's birthday. I unfortunately didn't get a picture of them before they left but I think the return picture speaks pretty well as to the kind of day they had. They were both completely asleep by the time they got home and it was too much of a Kodak moment to pass up. I think they had a day full of fun. :)


Monday, February 18, 2008

Roller Coaster Weekend:

To say that this weekend had it's ups and downs would be an understatement. I will summarize (for those of you who want to just know the basics)... we have had a "professional" picture day, a sushi/ survivor party, an ENTIRE day at urgent care, a birthday party for our nephew and and another day of doctors, lab tests and x-rays. Crazy to say the least.

If you want details please continue:

Much like the fast pace of a roller coaster, it seems like life doesn't slow down much these days and unfortunately the "cold and flu season" has hit our house hard. On Saturday morning Anna was just not at all herself and she seemed to be laboring just to breathe. We decided to take her to the urgent care center. Unfortunately our little one is not the only one with a bug. The doctor's office was bursting at the seams with sick children and you could pretty much see the germs in the air.So after a 3 hour wait to see a physician we ended up having somewhat of a "scary" appointment. It seems that Anna has the same nasty cold bug that has been making the rounds however it has settled with a vengeance in her lungs. (Poor baby) Anna's breathing was not where it should have been and so the doctor tried a couple of breathing treatments and steroids. At one point we thought we would be heading to the hospital instead of home. Thank God that Anna finally responded to the medication and we could go home with of course an arsenal of medicine and a long list of instructions on what to do for her once we got home.

Sunday seemed to be a new day and Anna looked as though she was feeling A LOT better so we ventured out of our sick ward and went to San Pedro to help celebrate our nephew Peter's 2nd birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER!!!

So today..... we went for a follow up visit for Anna. Long story short she is still NOT shaking this thing. She is on a couple of other meds now and we are doing breathing treatments more frequently at home..... and heading back to the doctor tomorrow.

So please pray for our baby.... please pray for health for both our girls as we found out (while at the Dr. today) Bekah has a bad ear infection. It is times like this that make me appreciate those days of health and all of this motivates me to be more "healthy" in what I feed my family, to stock up on absolutely EVERYTHING "Antibacterial", and to scour my house from top to bottom with BLEACH!



Here the girls are on picture day(Friday)! Pre- picture taking: Can't you tell? They are both still so "put together." I am thinking that this might be the BEST picture I got on "picture day" as Anna puts portrait studios, doctor's offices and torture chambers all in the same category. She pretty much not only refused to smile for the photographer but also cried the entire time.I keep saying that one day when she asks why she doesn't have any "professional pictures" I will have all the authority and proof to show her that it wasn't my fault and that I tried, she simply did NOT cooperate.  On the other hand.... Bekah would have stayed all day. She loves "workin" for the camera and even when the photographer is taking pictures of someone else she stands off to the side posing and re-posing.


On Friday night we went over to the Lee's house for a "Survivor" party and for some of the best sushi I have ever had. I ate myself into a sushi-coma. Oh, but it was soooooo yummy. :)








Here is our "Princess" playing at the Lee's. Bekah and her friend Mikayla always have a blast together and more often than not their play time is mostly taken up by the constant changing and re-changing of dress up outfits. Notice the chocolate mustache....



And of course I must include a picture of the party fun on Sunday. Anna obviously was feeling well enough to get up in the present opening action.


Thus was our "ROLLER COASTER WEEKEND"......... I'm tired.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day, everyone! Hope that your day was full of sweetness, and plenty of things that are lovely!













My girls received a little bit of Valentine's money from their great grandparents and so we went on a mini- shopping spree to Wal-Mart this morning. Bekah chose a "Barbie Movie" and was thrilled! Anna chose (with some help from Mommy) a Winnie- the- pooh bouncing ball. (Thanks Bill and June, Bekah felt so grown up paying for her video herself.)

After a little time of shopping we went to meet daddy for a Valentine's Day lunch date. Part of our time together today included a big FIRST for miss Anna. We went in for her first hair cut. I came in fully stocked with snacks (including candy), bubbles, toys and of course cameras.... all in attempts to make for a happy moment all captured on film. However..........


Anna did not find the experience at all enjoyable. Big rain drop tears streamed down her face as the stylist cut her hair.


You would think that we had invented some new form of torture. This is when it is worth it to pay a little extra for a cut and go somewhere, where they are experienced with kids. The lady took all of 5 minutes to cut Anna's hair and I was thoroughly pleased. (Granted Anna didn't have much hair to cut.)


When all was said and done we left only mildly traumatized.

Anna looks oh so adorable with her little bob. So cute, in-fact, I scheduled an appointment to get her picture taken tomorrow.


After THE hair-cut we went for a yummy lunch at Rubios and then drove daddy back to work.

Once we got home my girls gave me an incredible Valentine's Day gift!!!! They both took a 3 and1/2 hour nap!!!!


Our day was topped off by a nice dinner over at my parents. So our day of LOVE was full of being with those that we LOVE.

Gotta LOVE it!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

For All It's Worth...

I don't think I realized how often we go to Disneyland until I started blogging. It seems like every other post has to do with our frequent visits to "Mickey's house". So just in case you were wondering..... Nooooo........ we are not freakishly into ALL things Disney. I think what it comes down to is we are just a little bit on the cheap side, and when we pay money for something we want to make sure that we get the absolute biggest bang for our buck. With that being said Sunday was no exception. With the expiration of our annual passes being upon us and there being no immediate renewal ( for a couple of months) we decided to take an ENTIRE day and do Disneyland tourist style. You know getting there when it opens and "trying" (trying being the key word) to stay until closing.  (We made it until about 8ish.) It would seem that we were not the only ones who thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of the GORGEOUS weather and go to Disneyland. It was quite crowded. We chose to try DSC_4187and see a lot of the shows that we generally skip over and say "we don't have enough time." I think we saw 5 or 6 shows at least.

Little known Josh fact:

I don't care how MANY times we have been to Disneyland, Josh still gets a schedule and map every time we walk through the gate. This time he printed off the schedule ahead of time so that we could be fully "prepared" for a day of fun. He is so efficient. When I said "tourist style" I meant it.DSC_4213 


Anna thought the 3D glasses were funny on Daddy but didn't find it at all humorous when we tried putting them on her.


Rebekah's favorite ride is usually DUMBO (still at the top of her list). As of late, she seems to be getting a little more refined in her taste and is quick to prefer the "cars" over other ride choices. I think it gives her a little glimpse of freedom and since she is all about independence you can see why "Autopia" (the official name of the ride) appeals to her so much. She delights in steering and driving "CRAZY". Deep, gut, laughter  is a given on this ride because she loves making either mommy or daddy "scream" with "terror" because of her "crazy" driving skills.  I am fine with Disney's version of driving but I don't know if I will ever be ready for or cherish the idea of her actually hitting the rode with wheels of her own. EEEEEEKKKKKKKKK










We stayed until the kids dropped. Literally they were both asleep before we even hit the exit. And I think Josh and I were pretty close to crawling by the time we got to the car. I think we can say with full confidence that we squeezed every last drop of Disney fun out of our current passes and Sunday was enough to hold us for a few months without visits to the "magic kingdom."  Money well spent!!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Simple Success

So now that it is February I am now coming up with my "New Years Resolutions" (Better late than never.)....

I always have things that I aspire to learn, to grow in and to one day accomplish.  Some of those things are little and  some are bigger or greater in their challenges.

here are a few of the little goals I have in mind for the future......

1. I want to run a race of some kind. Whether it be a marathon or a 5k I want at some point to have the ability and discipline to accomplish that.

2. I want to learn to quilt.  I enjoy sewing but my skills pretty much end at drapes and hems. So I would love to be able to make things that are heirloom quality.

3. I want to learn how to tile. I would just LOVE to go into my bathroom and rip out everything and then have the ability and confidence to "remodel" all by myself!!!! ( Don't worry Josh I am not getting any ideas! )

Anyway's those are just three of my little  things I aspire to... three from a list of hundreds.

Another thing I have wanted to learn lately (so you might call it a "New Years Resolution") is how to crochet. When I was little my mom taught me the basics and I when I picked up a hook and yarn the other day I  was amazed at how much I remember. I must say I can make a mean pot holder! So yesterday morning I got it in my head that I was going to make beanies for my girls. So after looking at countless tutorials online, several very helpful YouTube videos, and several frustrating moments of trial and error.........



Here is the final product!



It actually went a lot easier than I thought it would and once I got the hang of it it became quite addicting.


Guess what EVERYONE is getting for Christmas next year!? ;)








Here are my little models. They seem pleased with my creations.  And good thing because they are now going to wear them for at least the next week. Just kidding.

DSC_4139It is nice to have a little taste of sweet success. I love the feeling of finishing and liking what I accomplished so hopefully I can do the same with some of those other things on my list. I have 11 months left in 2008 to get at least some of them checked off. Here's to simple and "not so simple" successes.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Sad Little Story.....

A couple of weeks ago the girls and I went to Disneyland and somewhere between the entrance and the Buzz Light-year ride Anna lost a shoe. This is pretty typical because Anna has a habit of taking off anything on her feet. After retracing our tracks and not finding the missing shoe we gave up our search in hopes that someone would turn it into the Lost and Found by the time we left. And so we went on with our day. At the end of our couple of hours in the "magic kingdom" we went to the very nice people at the Disneyland Lost and Found and of course they didn't have the missing shoe. They did have me fill out a form describing it in case it was turned in later. Imagine my excitement when I got a phone call the very next day from a friendly Disney "cast member" saying they "had found the shoe" and would send it to me within the week. Well..... this wouldn't be called a "Sad Little Story" if I had gotten the missing shoe in the mail and the pair was reunited. I did get A shoe in the mail but unfortunately it was not our shoe. I was sooooo sad.( I might even dare to say I got a little teary ;) ) I had gotten my hopes up and everything.

Were it any other shoe I would not be so distraught but for some reason these little size 3, baby gap, Mary Janes are just one of those things that I adore.  These were Bekah's shoes first and then Anna wore them too.DSC_4122

So now the question is what do I do with the lone shoe? It makes me cringe to think of throwing it away.I have been holding onto it for the last couple of weeks because I just can't bring myself to toss it.  So in contemplating how to keep it, here are some of my ideas.....


1. I could have it cast in bronze or silver as a memento of my children at a young, cute and innocent age.

2. What about a small plant holder?

3.  Is there any possibility I could find the match on eBay?

Any of you have ideas?

Alas I think that it is time to part with this little shoe (doesn't it look so lonely all by itself?) but I am definitely keeping a picture for the scrapbook and I have learned my lesson: from now on Anna only wears tie on shoes!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

In for the Long Haul......

I am sure those of you who are parents have had moments/ days like this......

You know, when you realize that a moment of instruction/ discipline has now become an ultimate battle of the wills and there is no way you can loose. This morning I had just such an experience.

At approximately 7:35 (note the time) this morning I got the girls ready for a bath. After a thorough soaking complete with soap suds, bubble blowing and a shampoo- in- the- eye melt down. I bundled up the girls in towels and proceeded to pick out outfits for the day...... Bekah is quite particular about her fashion choices and as usual stated very boldly that she "wants to wear a dress."( Of course. ) I then chose the only clean dress appropriate for a chilly February day and laid her outfit out on the bed. I could tell that this was not what she had in mind and my supposing was correct as she decided to take the dress and throw it across the room and say (in a very snotty tone) "I don't want to wear THAT dress!!!!!!!!!!" To this out break I simply responded by saying she didn't HAVE to wear THAT dress but that she could now wear jeans and a t-shirt. (THE ULTIMATE PUNISHMENT for our little fashionista.) This is where I realized that this was not going to be a moment of instruction but I should pretty much clear my calendar for the day as I was in for quite a battle. I could just see that she was not going to give up and that she was going into THROW A FIT mode. So after an hour ( this puts us at almost 9:00) of a naked almost 4 year old following me around the house wailing and wining saying she didn't "want to wear pants"...... a larger punishment was resorted to. I decide to put her on "dress restriction". That's right I went into her closet and took out ALL of her dresses and took them out to the garage, reminding her that throwing a tantrum has never worked and WILL NEVER work. So as I closed the garage door containing the precious collection of dresses and had a NAKED almost 4 year old standing on our front steps screaming as if I was physically beating her.... I thought two things .....1. What are the neighbors thinking? and 2. WHY CAN'T THIS CHILD JUST OBEY THE FIRST TIME!!!????? We could have avoided all of this. She could be wearing a dress and we could be having a peaceful morning . It all laid within her hands.

So as I shut the door and told her that she could not come out of her room until she had the now MANDATORY clothing selection on!!!!! I sent up a little prayer praying for patience on my end and for what I desired most................ SUBMISSION from my Rebekah.

Well all that being said my strong willed child did finally get dressed around 10:00 am ( although I though at one point she might be willing to go out in the buff just to prove her point.) And after a morning of questioning myself.....ie: Where did I go wrong? What have I done to deserve this? Will she ever listen? (you get the picture.) I had a moment of peace......

I know that this little battle is just a little example of the bigger picture. And just like I knew I had to stick to my guns today.... I know I am in this thing called parenting for the long haul. I will/ have had days that are filled with good moments with lessons learned, and then I will have days like this.... Days that make me wonder if this thing called "good parenting" is even possible, days that make that Bill Cosby quote : " I brought you into this world..... and I can take you out!" all too real, and the days that make me cry out to God saying "LORD!!!! I need a little help here!" Both the good days and the (let's just say) "harder" days make up this world of being a mom and although I have my moments of wanting to be beamed up into another universe, when all is said and done I couldn't ask for a better or more rewarding job nor could I ask for two kids that I could love more or that I could be more proud of.