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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Well yesterday was the BIG birthday! It was a big day not only because our Rebekah turned four but also because our friends the Reeves welcomed their daughter Kensington Jane into the world! We are so excited for Sean and Rachel! Rebekah keeps telling me..... "Mommy, I think Rachel's baby and me need to have a party together."  We'll see about that...... but we truly ARE thrilled for the Reeves family!

As for the events on Rebekah's birthday.... we had a full day.

We started off the morning with our traditional doughnuts.... in the shape of a number 4. The birthday girl was more than willing to wake up for a sweet treat.



Anna wanted to eat doughnuts in bed too.... Yummmmmmmmmmmmm!!

After breakfast the girls and I ran to Target for a couple of necessities and Rebekah was giddy when I told her she could pick out a movie to take home. One guess as to what kind of video she chose....... if you guessed "something princess", you would be right on the money! DSC_4589

Well there are only a few places that rate as high as Disneyland for Rebekah. One of those chosen few is "di-kayla's house" (that is what Rebekah calls Mikayla Lee.) So she was overcome with excitement when I told her that we were going there for a play day on her birthday. She was in heaven. The kids tasted cookie dough, played till their hearts content, ate chicken nuggets and watched (Bekah's first time) Beauty and the Beast. Now the Mommies........ (this is where you would hear the mischievous laugh) enjoyed not only a couple hours of intelligent conversation but they also enjoyed..... sushi!!!! It was wonderful!Friends, well behaved kids and Crunch Rolls... who could ask for more!?


Why is it that birthday's seem to usually center around food? I don't mean for this post to sound like all we did was eat yesterday but alas I can't fight it..... It was a good day with good eats. :)

When daddy came home we headed out for a celebratory dinner at Red Robin. Birthday coupons are great incentive. We had a pleasant evening out with the girls and I think that Rebekah would say she had a GREAT birthday especially after the staff at the restaurant brought her out an ice cream sundae.



THE fourth birthday has been a little hard for me as I can't argue that she STILL is a baby.... anymore.All those remaining "baby" type things are quickly fading away and being replaced by everything "little girl." And this concept is really hard for me to grasp.... only one more year before kindergarten. (Say it isn't so.)


This will be my last post for February 2008 as I am going on the Women's Retreat with my church this weekend. I am feeling a combination of excitement (for time to relax, and be renewed) and nervousness (as this is the first time I have left the girls with Josh.) I know he will do great. It will, however, be interesting to see the state of Rebekah's hair at the end of the weekend. :)

So it HAS ,indeed, been a FANTASTIC February... with fabulous birthdays, fun play days and great outings. I do think that this month did have a little more sickness than we would have cared for, and I am hoping for a virus and bacteria free March... but overall it really was a good month! See you all in March! :)

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