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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Groovy Sisters....



Tonight the girls were playing with Rebekah's "Groovy Girls". For her birthday, Rebekah recieved a  couple of things to add to her collection. (THANK YOU HOLLAND FAMILY!)

In addition to putting their plush toys in the brand new "cabana", the girls decided to give it a try themselves. Anna seemed to be able to make the squeeze a little bit better, but was still a tad too big. Rebekah was able to fit her backside in. :)DSC_4566

They thought it was quite funny. One of my favorite sounds is hearing them laugh together.

I am really enjoying seeing my girls playing together, loving each other and especially seeing how they are coming to depend on each other's companionship. For example...... Anna is 10 times easier to get to sleep when Bekah is in the room, and since Anna has been old enough to play Rebekah has been a lot less dependent on me as her only play partner.I hope ,as they grow, that they will continue to "NEED" each other and consider their relationship one that is special and of the utmost importance.


One GROOVY almost-four-year-old!!!



So tonight is the last night of Rebekah being 3! She is very excited about her birthday and tonight over dinner we retold the story of the night before her birth. She loves hearing any story that involves her. :)

Tonight she asked in a very polite way to wear her ballet outfit to bed. Well since she is THE birthday girl, I obliged her request. She was full of energy come bed time and I am thinking that our little ballerina may not fall asleep until it is actually her birthday. Needless to say I had to get a couple more pictures of Rebekah Kate at 3 years old. I feel like tonight Rebekah is saying good bye to baby-hood and is truly now a little girl.

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