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Monday, February 25, 2008

I Hope I NEVER Forget.......

As my girls seem to grow and change at race car speed, I find that it is too easy to forget the little phases they go through or the little things that make them so cute  right now at ages one and four. I want to take all of their idiosyncrasies, phrases and phases and somehow embed them in my mind. I want to preserve each moment so that I can keep a piece of this precious time in life.


So I have a little list..... I may add to this list in the future so we'll call this my....

Memory Preservation List: (Part 1:)

I hope I never forget.....

..... that Anna's little feet are so ticklish, she giggles when you just take her socks off.

..... that even at age 4, Rebekah melts when I wrap her in a blanket and rock her.

..... that Anna has two squishy blankets that she carries with her everywhere and they have been loved so much they are now a shade of gray rather than pink.

..... that when Rebekah wants to be held SHE says " I want to hold you".

..... that both of my girls first word was "DOG"

...... that at this time Rebekah can buckle  and unbuckle her own seatbelt (a five point harness) but 9 times out of 10 doesn't get her shoes on the right feet.

..... that at 14 months old... when you say the word "bath" to Anna she lifts her shirt and nods her head yes.

....that Rebekah says the word "FORGOT"....... "GOT- FOR". for example she will say....  "Mommy, I got-for my jacket."

I know that these little things are not of major significance. But they are all so dear to me. Writing them down tonight is my way of preserving them.



Just a few moments in our day.....

This morning I walked in the living room to find Anna devouring a bag of runts candy. Where did she get them? You ask?...... I don't know. The fact that they are a choking hazard,she was covered in a sticky mess, and I wasn't quite sure if what she had in her mouth had already been in the dogs mouth did not deter me from taking a picture. She thought it was so funny.( That is of course until I took them away) Thankfully she still had on her bib from breakfast and was quick to get over it when I handed her a shortbread cookie.


Tonight we finally cut into Bekah's birthday cake. We had so much dessert at the party the cake was more of a traditional ornament. Rebekah was very excited to eat it tonight, but only after we (for the second time) sang "The Birthday Song" and blew out candles.


I think my girls are both starting to really feel better after what seems to be a couple months of sickness. They both were so pleasant today and just seemed so content. I don't think I had to wipe a nose more than once today! :)

Of course by the time Anna finished her cake she was covered in pink frosting....


and as the butter cream icing was a little difficult to get off in the bath tub, I am hoping that it acts as a good moisturizer.




Happy memories!

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  1. Amen to all of that! It makes me so sad to think that so many cute little things have probably already been forgotten. I need to get much better at writing these things down. Thanks for the inspiration.