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Friday, February 1, 2008

In for the Long Haul......

I am sure those of you who are parents have had moments/ days like this......

You know, when you realize that a moment of instruction/ discipline has now become an ultimate battle of the wills and there is no way you can loose. This morning I had just such an experience.

At approximately 7:35 (note the time) this morning I got the girls ready for a bath. After a thorough soaking complete with soap suds, bubble blowing and a shampoo- in- the- eye melt down. I bundled up the girls in towels and proceeded to pick out outfits for the day...... Bekah is quite particular about her fashion choices and as usual stated very boldly that she "wants to wear a dress."( Of course. ) I then chose the only clean dress appropriate for a chilly February day and laid her outfit out on the bed. I could tell that this was not what she had in mind and my supposing was correct as she decided to take the dress and throw it across the room and say (in a very snotty tone) "I don't want to wear THAT dress!!!!!!!!!!" To this out break I simply responded by saying she didn't HAVE to wear THAT dress but that she could now wear jeans and a t-shirt. (THE ULTIMATE PUNISHMENT for our little fashionista.) This is where I realized that this was not going to be a moment of instruction but I should pretty much clear my calendar for the day as I was in for quite a battle. I could just see that she was not going to give up and that she was going into THROW A FIT mode. So after an hour ( this puts us at almost 9:00) of a naked almost 4 year old following me around the house wailing and wining saying she didn't "want to wear pants"...... a larger punishment was resorted to. I decide to put her on "dress restriction". That's right I went into her closet and took out ALL of her dresses and took them out to the garage, reminding her that throwing a tantrum has never worked and WILL NEVER work. So as I closed the garage door containing the precious collection of dresses and had a NAKED almost 4 year old standing on our front steps screaming as if I was physically beating her.... I thought two things .....1. What are the neighbors thinking? and 2. WHY CAN'T THIS CHILD JUST OBEY THE FIRST TIME!!!????? We could have avoided all of this. She could be wearing a dress and we could be having a peaceful morning . It all laid within her hands.

So as I shut the door and told her that she could not come out of her room until she had the now MANDATORY clothing selection on!!!!! I sent up a little prayer praying for patience on my end and for what I desired most................ SUBMISSION from my Rebekah.

Well all that being said my strong willed child did finally get dressed around 10:00 am ( although I though at one point she might be willing to go out in the buff just to prove her point.) And after a morning of questioning myself.....ie: Where did I go wrong? What have I done to deserve this? Will she ever listen? (you get the picture.) I had a moment of peace......

I know that this little battle is just a little example of the bigger picture. And just like I knew I had to stick to my guns today.... I know I am in this thing called parenting for the long haul. I will/ have had days that are filled with good moments with lessons learned, and then I will have days like this.... Days that make me wonder if this thing called "good parenting" is even possible, days that make that Bill Cosby quote : " I brought you into this world..... and I can take you out!" all too real, and the days that make me cry out to God saying "LORD!!!! I need a little help here!" Both the good days and the (let's just say) "harder" days make up this world of being a mom and although I have my moments of wanting to be beamed up into another universe, when all is said and done I couldn't ask for a better or more rewarding job nor could I ask for two kids that I could love more or that I could be more proud of.


  1. I am so glad that I am not the only one that struggles with a headstrong, strong-willed child. I was laughing so hard I almost cried when I read this. You could substitute Lily for Rebekah and have the same situation. I feel your pain!

  2. Annika (A.K.A. Dress-addiction runs in the family) was mortified at the story of sweet Auntie Emily doing such a thing to her dear cousin, and is anxiously wondering how long the dresses have been banished for!

  3. Emily, my friend ....

    Of course this is seen as funny AFTER it happens but strong wills can break us and cause to lose sight of what matters ... we just want it to be OVER.

    Remember that the Lord CHOSE you for Rebekah .. He chose HER to be your daughter. He knew these battles would happen ...He knew you would have no resources other than to turn your heart and mind to HIM.

    Our children reflect our sin and they show us sides of us that we never knew existed - or chose to ignore. The hard part is, it is not attracitve! But the beautiful part is .. the Lord uses these moments to refine us ... to draw us closer to Himself ... to force us to seek His face.

    Keep your shoulder to the plow of motherhood so that one day you will cherish the reward of your daughters rising to call you BLESSED.

    I love you! Michelle

  4. I hear ya! Those days can be so tough. I know it wasn't funny at the time but I have to smile now at the thought of Rebekah watching you put her beloved dresses away for "dress restriction". I love that the punishment fit the crime. You're a great mom and one day these girls are going to call us crying b/c their daughters are not listening and we're going to laugh! haha!