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Saturday, February 23, 2008


DSC_4339 Over the past week we have been doing breathing treatments for Anna every 3-4 hours. I am not complaining as I know that this is not the worst it could be; and I also know that this is helping Anna get better. Needless to say we have had to make some adjustments in our every day routine. The change in daily life is easy in comparison to trying to get a 14 month old to SIT STILL for 10-15 minutes. As this is new for Anna she has no ability to understand that it is a necessary evil and is in no way willing to JUST sit! So imagine my excitement when we stumbled upon the miracle sedative.It comes in the very peppy, very puppy package of BLUES CLUES. I am blown away that I didn't think of this sooner. Josh is actually the one that thought to turn it on. It never occurred to me to use TV as a distraction as Anna has NEVER shown an interest in anything  on television. And she still shows NO interest in anything on television....really we've tested it. She is only drawn in by BLUE. I tried Sesame Street, Veggies Tales, and Curious George...... she could have cared less. So BLUE it is. And all I can say is whatever floats Anna's boat. As long as she is content to sit still and endure the "treatment."


Had to show you this......

On Thursday my in-laws  took Bekah and her cousin Sammy to Disneyland and Build-a- Bear for Bekah's birthday. I unfortunately didn't get a picture of them before they left but I think the return picture speaks pretty well as to the kind of day they had. They were both completely asleep by the time they got home and it was too much of a Kodak moment to pass up. I think they had a day full of fun. :)


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