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Monday, February 18, 2008

Roller Coaster Weekend:

To say that this weekend had it's ups and downs would be an understatement. I will summarize (for those of you who want to just know the basics)... we have had a "professional" picture day, a sushi/ survivor party, an ENTIRE day at urgent care, a birthday party for our nephew and and another day of doctors, lab tests and x-rays. Crazy to say the least.

If you want details please continue:

Much like the fast pace of a roller coaster, it seems like life doesn't slow down much these days and unfortunately the "cold and flu season" has hit our house hard. On Saturday morning Anna was just not at all herself and she seemed to be laboring just to breathe. We decided to take her to the urgent care center. Unfortunately our little one is not the only one with a bug. The doctor's office was bursting at the seams with sick children and you could pretty much see the germs in the air.So after a 3 hour wait to see a physician we ended up having somewhat of a "scary" appointment. It seems that Anna has the same nasty cold bug that has been making the rounds however it has settled with a vengeance in her lungs. (Poor baby) Anna's breathing was not where it should have been and so the doctor tried a couple of breathing treatments and steroids. At one point we thought we would be heading to the hospital instead of home. Thank God that Anna finally responded to the medication and we could go home with of course an arsenal of medicine and a long list of instructions on what to do for her once we got home.

Sunday seemed to be a new day and Anna looked as though she was feeling A LOT better so we ventured out of our sick ward and went to San Pedro to help celebrate our nephew Peter's 2nd birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER!!!

So today..... we went for a follow up visit for Anna. Long story short she is still NOT shaking this thing. She is on a couple of other meds now and we are doing breathing treatments more frequently at home..... and heading back to the doctor tomorrow.

So please pray for our baby.... please pray for health for both our girls as we found out (while at the Dr. today) Bekah has a bad ear infection. It is times like this that make me appreciate those days of health and all of this motivates me to be more "healthy" in what I feed my family, to stock up on absolutely EVERYTHING "Antibacterial", and to scour my house from top to bottom with BLEACH!



Here the girls are on picture day(Friday)! Pre- picture taking: Can't you tell? They are both still so "put together." I am thinking that this might be the BEST picture I got on "picture day" as Anna puts portrait studios, doctor's offices and torture chambers all in the same category. She pretty much not only refused to smile for the photographer but also cried the entire time.I keep saying that one day when she asks why she doesn't have any "professional pictures" I will have all the authority and proof to show her that it wasn't my fault and that I tried, she simply did NOT cooperate.  On the other hand.... Bekah would have stayed all day. She loves "workin" for the camera and even when the photographer is taking pictures of someone else she stands off to the side posing and re-posing.


On Friday night we went over to the Lee's house for a "Survivor" party and for some of the best sushi I have ever had. I ate myself into a sushi-coma. Oh, but it was soooooo yummy. :)








Here is our "Princess" playing at the Lee's. Bekah and her friend Mikayla always have a blast together and more often than not their play time is mostly taken up by the constant changing and re-changing of dress up outfits. Notice the chocolate mustache....



And of course I must include a picture of the party fun on Sunday. Anna obviously was feeling well enough to get up in the present opening action.


Thus was our "ROLLER COASTER WEEKEND"......... I'm tired.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about Anna and on top of that Bekah's ear infection. How scary. It is the worst to see your kids so sick. I will be praying for them and your whole family - that God will heal them and keep this sickness away.

  2. Yuck. We went to the doctor yesterday too...fun! Sounds like Jenna's isn't quite as bad, just a double ear infection. Yikes. Hopefully she'll be well enough to see Rebekah this weekend!

    -- Jaysen & Jessica

  3. Poor things. I hope you are all feeling better soon.