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Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Sad Little Story.....

A couple of weeks ago the girls and I went to Disneyland and somewhere between the entrance and the Buzz Light-year ride Anna lost a shoe. This is pretty typical because Anna has a habit of taking off anything on her feet. After retracing our tracks and not finding the missing shoe we gave up our search in hopes that someone would turn it into the Lost and Found by the time we left. And so we went on with our day. At the end of our couple of hours in the "magic kingdom" we went to the very nice people at the Disneyland Lost and Found and of course they didn't have the missing shoe. They did have me fill out a form describing it in case it was turned in later. Imagine my excitement when I got a phone call the very next day from a friendly Disney "cast member" saying they "had found the shoe" and would send it to me within the week. Well..... this wouldn't be called a "Sad Little Story" if I had gotten the missing shoe in the mail and the pair was reunited. I did get A shoe in the mail but unfortunately it was not our shoe. I was sooooo sad.( I might even dare to say I got a little teary ;) ) I had gotten my hopes up and everything.

Were it any other shoe I would not be so distraught but for some reason these little size 3, baby gap, Mary Janes are just one of those things that I adore.  These were Bekah's shoes first and then Anna wore them too.DSC_4122

So now the question is what do I do with the lone shoe? It makes me cringe to think of throwing it away.I have been holding onto it for the last couple of weeks because I just can't bring myself to toss it.  So in contemplating how to keep it, here are some of my ideas.....


1. I could have it cast in bronze or silver as a memento of my children at a young, cute and innocent age.

2. What about a small plant holder?

3.  Is there any possibility I could find the match on eBay?

Any of you have ideas?

Alas I think that it is time to part with this little shoe (doesn't it look so lonely all by itself?) but I am definitely keeping a picture for the scrapbook and I have learned my lesson: from now on Anna only wears tie on shoes!!!!


  1. DONT THROW IT AWAY! While I was reading your post, i thought "that would make a really cute plant holder for her ledge in her kitchen above the sink", before I saw the options you had for it. You can always look at it and remember. My mom planted a bunch of flowers for me around this time last year, and its amazing the healing qualities of plants! AND...you can have Bekah and Anna write stories about all the wild adventures they think that the "sister/other" shoe has gone on! Think of all the places it could have traveled!!!!!!

  2. Someone told me to make a pincusion out of one of Lily's little shoes. I don't know if you could make it look cute or not but I know you sew...Just a thought.