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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Simple Success

So now that it is February I am now coming up with my "New Years Resolutions" (Better late than never.)....

I always have things that I aspire to learn, to grow in and to one day accomplish.  Some of those things are little and  some are bigger or greater in their challenges.

here are a few of the little goals I have in mind for the future......

1. I want to run a race of some kind. Whether it be a marathon or a 5k I want at some point to have the ability and discipline to accomplish that.

2. I want to learn to quilt.  I enjoy sewing but my skills pretty much end at drapes and hems. So I would love to be able to make things that are heirloom quality.

3. I want to learn how to tile. I would just LOVE to go into my bathroom and rip out everything and then have the ability and confidence to "remodel" all by myself!!!! ( Don't worry Josh I am not getting any ideas! )

Anyway's those are just three of my little  things I aspire to... three from a list of hundreds.

Another thing I have wanted to learn lately (so you might call it a "New Years Resolution") is how to crochet. When I was little my mom taught me the basics and I when I picked up a hook and yarn the other day I  was amazed at how much I remember. I must say I can make a mean pot holder! So yesterday morning I got it in my head that I was going to make beanies for my girls. So after looking at countless tutorials online, several very helpful YouTube videos, and several frustrating moments of trial and error.........



Here is the final product!



It actually went a lot easier than I thought it would and once I got the hang of it it became quite addicting.


Guess what EVERYONE is getting for Christmas next year!? ;)








Here are my little models. They seem pleased with my creations.  And good thing because they are now going to wear them for at least the next week. Just kidding.

DSC_4139It is nice to have a little taste of sweet success. I love the feeling of finishing and liking what I accomplished so hopefully I can do the same with some of those other things on my list. I have 11 months left in 2008 to get at least some of them checked off. Here's to simple and "not so simple" successes.


  1. I LOVE the beanies...You have to let me know where you got the pattern for them. Hopefully you used a pattern???! Lily would love one. I have such a hard time finding cute hats to fit her during the winter. I never even thought about making one for her...

  2. You are fabulous. You need a TV show.

  3. Em,

    Since I am totally inept in all things creative, I APPLAUDE you!

    The beanies are fabulous! Too bad boys cannot do crochet without looking, well, you know. :o)

    LOVE it!