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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day, everyone! Hope that your day was full of sweetness, and plenty of things that are lovely!













My girls received a little bit of Valentine's money from their great grandparents and so we went on a mini- shopping spree to Wal-Mart this morning. Bekah chose a "Barbie Movie" and was thrilled! Anna chose (with some help from Mommy) a Winnie- the- pooh bouncing ball. (Thanks Bill and June, Bekah felt so grown up paying for her video herself.)

After a little time of shopping we went to meet daddy for a Valentine's Day lunch date. Part of our time together today included a big FIRST for miss Anna. We went in for her first hair cut. I came in fully stocked with snacks (including candy), bubbles, toys and of course cameras.... all in attempts to make for a happy moment all captured on film. However..........


Anna did not find the experience at all enjoyable. Big rain drop tears streamed down her face as the stylist cut her hair.


You would think that we had invented some new form of torture. This is when it is worth it to pay a little extra for a cut and go somewhere, where they are experienced with kids. The lady took all of 5 minutes to cut Anna's hair and I was thoroughly pleased. (Granted Anna didn't have much hair to cut.)


When all was said and done we left only mildly traumatized.

Anna looks oh so adorable with her little bob. So cute, in-fact, I scheduled an appointment to get her picture taken tomorrow.


After THE hair-cut we went for a yummy lunch at Rubios and then drove daddy back to work.

Once we got home my girls gave me an incredible Valentine's Day gift!!!! They both took a 3 and1/2 hour nap!!!!


Our day was topped off by a nice dinner over at my parents. So our day of LOVE was full of being with those that we LOVE.

Gotta LOVE it!!


  1. I just have to day that even with the wet red face Anna looks so sweet! Jacob hated all his haircuts and cried just like Anna. I just have to ask how on earth your girls keep the little hair clips in...Lily rips them out in about 5 minutes. Happy Valentines!

  2. I love her haircut! It looks adorable- good choice. =)