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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just plain... GROSS

I have heard mothers of boys talking often about how disgusting their little men are. It seems like the male sex just comes into the world with a bend towards all things dirty, messy, gooey, slimy, grimy, filthy, and... well...you get the picture.



Now speaking as a mother of two very girly girls, I am here to say (proudly) that my GIRLS can indeed rival their male peers.

While our house is often bursting at the seems with pink frills and Disney Princess mania, I can truly attest to the fact that my little lovelies are in- touch with their grotesque side.

I know it is hard to believe that such sweet little dolls could possibly possess such "raw" qualities but alas I have proof.....

Exhibit A:

This morning as I was putting Aloe on Rebekah's slightly sun-kissed face she had an epiphany! She said....

"Hey Mommy! Look ,it is like SNOT!! Take a picture!"

(I will say that as soon as I snapped the photo she said..."ok.... this is disgusting!"

...whew I was worried)


We had a marvelous morning as a family. Breakfast together and a trip to Supercuts (notice Bekah's bob) made for a pleasant start to day. Well, on our way home we decided to go to Lowe's to purchase a tomato plant and a few other things for our landscape. (We have high hopes for our back yard)

Anyways... that sets the stage for...

Exhibit B: 

As we stood in line to purchase several items (of course there was more than just one tomato plant) Bekah decided to stick her fingers into a bag of steer manure! Then held up her now brown fingers and said.... "look mud!"










Exhibit C: 

While working in our garden Bekah was quite exited to meet a new friend and to my surprise she was more than willing to shake hands with the creature.... as well as give it a name. We would like you to meet Bekah's earthworm acquaintance..... Karen! Where she got the name.... no one knows.


I wouldn't want you to think that Miss Anna is not getting her fair share of the grimy spotlight....

In fact my youngest little princess could probably show up her big sister in the filthy department any day of the week. I fondly refer to her as my "crusty child". It doesn't matter how much I wipe or bathe this child she will inevitably have some permanent sort of crust on her face...

We had a pleasant lunch while gardening today. Anna thought it would be appropriate to have a yogurt facial and as if that wasn't enough.....











She then climbed up on her chair and began to roll in lunch leftovers.  I don't think the yogurt would have been that bad by itself but after a full afternoon of helping us garden, yogurt residue and dirt made for quite a interesting shade of bath water ;).

Both girls were caked in mud by dinner time and the ring around our tub is too gritty to be photographed.... (I figured I didn't need more proof.)

All of this is to show you... that we here in the Nelson house, can say LOUD and PROUD.....




  1. That picture of Bekah with the "snot" freaked me out! I saw the picture way before I read the explanation and was having a very hard time focusing on the story. Good job grossing me out, Bekah! haha =)

  2. As future momther-in-law to these girls (or at least ONE of them) I must say I am PROUD that they are willing to get their hands dirty!

    We having a saying, "No wuss boys in the Eastman family" and could never allow our boys to marry wuss girls!

    So, look at that - the Lord has already started to prepare them for one anoher!

    Thankfully, my boys have good balance in this department. Though I imagine if we lived in the country I may find some less than delightful surprises in and around my home!

    Happy "momming" to your girls, Em!

  3. Hmmm... okay, no more thinking that having a girl would be less messy, for me.

    I guess your gals can give Jackson a run for his money.

    By the way- I am embarrased to admit that I have been eating your croutons LIKE CANDY! They are so good... Thanks again.

  4. I handed my daddy a booger while we were at Lowe's tonight. He was not amused. It's not my fault he didn't have any kleenex with him.