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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let there be LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE daylight-savings- time!!!! Let me say that again.... I LOVE daylight-savings-time!!!!!!!!

I know, I know we lost an hour of sleep........

There are several reasons why I so enjoy the glorious extra hours of day...

For one, I always feel like I can accomplish so much more in 24 hours. We always say "there aren't enough hours in the day"..... well this is the most we can get! :)

Another reason is....  Josh works..... let's just say "full" days.... and when he gets home at the end of the day we still have 2-3 hours of light left. It makes for much more relaxing family evenings, instead of dinner and then bed-time.

The longer days seem to act as a great stress reliever for me.... maybe because I know that we are nearing summer, or maybe because I don't feel as rushed in my day to day. I love that there is so much more opportunity for outside time and there just seems to be less reason to turn on the TV. 

My girls thrive on being outside and cool evenings in our backyard are always a good time!


Today the girls and I went to Lowe's to purchase some greenery for our backyard. We must have hit them on "mark down day" because we scored some wonderful plants for super great deals.

I am telling you we got TREES for $5.00. I have learned that the plants on the clearance flat may not look the greatest but they are the same plant and with a little TLC you will eventually have something beautiful! I also have realized that most plants DO NOT generally have a very long life span under my "not-so- green- thumb"... so if I can achieve a garden with discounted plants I don't feel so bad if my garden goes brown :(.


Before any landscaping can EVER happen in our yard... the clay, we call dirt, must undergo a thorough soaking....

The girls had fun watering the dirt though....

So when Daddy came home this evening we were ready and waiting with shovel and rake in hand.




Even though I am not above getting my hands dirty..... I am more than willing to hand the shovel over to more capable hands ;)







We planted a new $5.00 Willow Tree, a Gardenia bush, Azalea bush, and a couple trays of annuals......

Hopefully in a month or two our backyard will resemble more of a paradise than it currently does. Ok at least more of a garden than it currently does...

A video of our outside adventure:

Girl's Gardening from Joshua Nelson on Vimeo.

For all these reasons and moments I say......


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  1. I love the ever so sly nose pick by Anna! That was great! Can't wait to see the garden in full bloom!
    :) Christie