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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MOPS = Egg Hunt:












                                                               FDSC_5066or the girls and I, our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)         group has become a major part of our social circle. Both the girls and I look forward to our Tuesday mornings at MOPS.   Bekah especially enjoys  her "MOPPETS" class as she has the joyous privilege of having Grandma as her teacher! :)


Yesterday was our annual MOPS EASTER EGG HUNT!!!!!!!!! It was a lot of fun and when thinking of Anna last year at the same event it gives me a lot of perspective on how much she has grown. Last year she was just a little 4 month old bundle sleeping in her infant seat and this year she was walking aroDSC_5046und with speed and confidence. She is quite skilled at the "hunting" aspect of it all. She knew exactly what to do and was very proud to carry around her bunny basket.

It was so nice that my mom was also able to attend. I am always appreciative of an extra set of hands. :)












Rebekah was a lot quicker at collecting eggs this year. I think she realized for the first time that she is racing against other egg hunters.....

The HUNT was on!












DSC_5096A marvelous time with our MOPS friends and a fabulous day in the  southern   California     sun!

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  1. Great pictures, Emily! The Easter egg hunt was a lot of fun. Were you one of the ones who took a picture of Ezra? I totally forgot to take my camera. If you did take one, would you mind sending me a copy? mattandchristie@earthlink.net Thanks, Emily!
    :) Christie