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Sunday, March 9, 2008














We had a ZOO-RIFFIC day yesterday at the "World Famous San Diego Zoo." 



We could not have ordered better weather. 

We saw lots of monkey's, elephants, a tiger, lions, polar bears, baby gorilla's (in diapers) and a sea lion show! (Just to name a few)


Bekah being sweet.





Anna saying ................






Here is Josh pushing the girls up the steep hill that lead to the polar bear exhibit. He said he woke up with leg cramps this morning after walking so much yesterday. Hmmmmm.....either we are out of shape or there are some pretty steep hills at the San Diego zoo. I think (for the sake of our pride) we will go with the later. :)



Daddy and Anna....

Spring is in the air. Aren't the blooms in the background beautiful!?










You know Miss Anna is exhausted when she falls asleep in Mommy's arms. But I am not complaining! These are the moments I love to just soak up..... 









Treats like cotton candy and face painting made for a day out of the ordinary!


Rebekah was elated to be able to get her face painted! However, she was not so elated, after explaining to her this morning  that we MUST wash it off.



Here is her reaction to seeing the masterpiece on her face! :)

You think she liked it?


With birthday money burning a hole in her pocket, Bekah was more than eager to find a reason to spend, spend, spend. 




After every idea I would give for something to purchase, she would say...." Ya! I want that TOO!" The concept of only having a certain amount has not quite clicked in. I am sure she thinks.... there has to be an endless supply of  the green stuff.... right!? :)

So at the end of the day she finally decided on a "Black Bear Backpack"! Good choice! 



We were playing in the children's zoo area and Anna was having a wonderful time...... that is until 2 friendly ducks approached us.She had a tight grip on my leg with one hand and was shaking the other hand as if to say BACK OFF!!

Once again.... I am NOT complaining! I am all for her needing Mommy!


After we were basically pushed out of the park (we stayed til they shut the doors), we got the girls cozy for the ride home and made a stop at POINT LOMA SEAFOODS. The girls were asleep by the time we left the zoo parking lot so we got the food to go and parked along the water. We watched the sunset and ate crab sandwiches and clam chowder. Quite the romantic dinner even with sleeping kids in the back seat! :)

A fabulous day in San Diego!!!!!


Quote for the day:

When asking Bekah about the zoo, as we were leaving......

she said......

"I saw a lot of animal bottoms!"

(Tis True) :)


  1. I don't care how in shape one may be, those hills are killer. What a fun day! Even the dinner in the car sounds good especially the part about both kids being asleep. What's it like to eat in peace?

  2. Point Loma Seafood is a MUST stop when we visit San Diego!


  3. What a wonderful family day to remember. We love going to the San Diego Zoo. Seeing your pics makes me want to go back soon. I am sure Josh got a good workout pushing a stroller up the hills!!!