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Monday, April 21, 2008

Familiar Faces......

I truly can say that Josh and I have been blessed with great friends. One of our greatest joys and stress releases is hanging out with "familiar faces". Nothing beats a BBQ in the backyard or a game night with friends.

This weekend was special because we enjoyed getting together with dear friends Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I am so BUMMED I did not get a picture Friday night, but we had the WONDERFUL privilege of having the Ito family over. Jeremy is a childhood friend to both Josh and I from our "Trinity days". It was so nice to get a chance to hang out, reminisce and also meet his beautiful wife and daughter.In addition to the Itos the Rogers (both friends from when we were wee sprouts), my sister Donna (I have known her for a while too...) and her" other half" Philip Dejong (another wonderful childhood friend) all joined us for a delightful BBQ and games! :)

It was such a fun time and it is so nice to know people who I consider to be faithful, true and loyal friends......

On Saturday the girls and got to go to the first DSC_5730 bridal shower for our friend Jen.

Jen has been a wonderful friend since high school and I am thrilled for her as she enters this next phase of life.


(Picture above: Katie Rogers, Jen Dowling (the bride) and me (you knew that ;) )









My girls love any kind of  party and Bekah was not shy about polishing off a sizable piece of chocolate cake.;)


Jen is a true servant, has a tender heart and a loving disposition. She will be a fabulous wife and companion for her husband- to- be Aaron! We wish them all of life's best and look forward to the FAST approaching BIG wedding day! :)  DSC_5726





Which brings us to the 3rd and final get together of this weekend..... (another photo op... missed) :(

Last night we had another BBQ with Jen and her fiance Aaron, and the Rogers family. (We like having them around; )  )It was another fantiastic evening of laughing, chatting and good eats.

All of this said.... I just have to mention that we are very thankful for the wonderful friendships we have in our life. Both Josh and I would say that having good friends is a huge priority for us and we can say with gratitude, the Lord has greatly blessed us with life long friends that we cherish whole-heartedly.

So here's to friends...... old and new. :)


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  2. Though the Lord is all-sufficient for every need we have, I truly believe He created friendships to make life sweeter and richer.

    Friends walk with us through the joys and struggles of life, they sharpen us, they challenge us, and they encourage us to pursue the things that matter ...

    More than anything else, we need to be growing deeper in our walk with the Lord and maturing in our faith because these friends continuously push us towards HIM and desire to see us honor the Lord in all we do.

  3. Hey Emily,
    Thanks again for having us all over it was a lot of fun! You guys are so amazing. I was gonna post on your duck post too...we saw baby ducks today, and Nicki came unglued from her stroller. I thought she was going to jump out of my arms and run across the pond to touch them. So have fun with your fam.

    PS--I got the YoungLife job!