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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy List...



With two girls in the house we are not short on reasons to be HAPPY. Giggles, wiggles, laughs and squeals are all part of the daily soundtrack in our house. 

( Along with the occasional "not-so-happy" sounds ;) )




DSC_5543 These are some of the things that made me/ us HAPPY today....

1.) Dollar bin letters that add a little extra "cuteness" to my girls room decor. :)













2.) We found out that clothes-pins can provide at least an hour's worth of entertainment! :)






Bekah loves being silly. She has a great sense of humor! :) Hey I think that is #3 on my list! A little girl who loves to not only BE happy but loves to make other people happy! 













Here she is putting them in my hair....





Here is the final product. What do you think? Should I start a trend? ;)







"Hey Anna....let me put a clothes pin on your finger."









4.) One of my greatest reasons to be happy... HAPPY KIDS! :)







5.) Today  my mom (the QUEEN of bargain shopping) gave the girls princess "jammies". They were pleased and full of smiles. So my reason to be happy.... grandparents that are involved with and LOVE my kids! :)










#6 Per my WONDERFUL husband's suggestion we had a "THE-OFFICE-IS-BACK-PARTY" and had a celebratory dinner of sushi. We fed the girls and got them to bed early and then we ordered out! So my 6th reason for happiness this evening..... A HUSBAND WHO KNOWS MY TASTE BUDDS! :) Gotta love sushi!


  1. YUM! Sushi!! My mouth is watering just looking at it. Just wanted to let you know, one reason I'm happy? You are in my life. Thanks for making life sweeter!

  2. What a nice day! We had a fun yesterday too. The positive spin on watching TV....giving us something to look forward to together. My hubby works late so it is nice to just sit and watch a show together and then talk about it and our days afterward.

  3. Hey-I just had to tell you that I looked at your friend Rivas blog and the picture of you and the geese/ducks sent me back to your wedding reception... Gotta love the birds!
    ps. do you do film or digital?

  4. So... did you like the OFFICE? It was a little weird, but I still laughed my head off....

  5. Those are some pretty great reasons to be happy. We've had a rough past few days so thanks for making me take a moment to think of the good things. Here's my reason to be happy right now: both kids are napping at the same time. =)