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Monday, April 7, 2008

Moments in the life of a MONKEY!



I have learned that nothing is fully "baby proofed"  with Miss Anna in the house. She will find a way to climb out of, open up, go around, get under, and pull apart anything that may seem to be forbidding to other children of her age. And while she is notorious for her "Houdini" moves, I have to say the mess I found her getting into was all my fault. I was working on some MOPS stuff today and in order to distract Bekah I hastily got out the crayons. On a normal day I would scan the crayon can for any stray markers that may have found their way in there. I was not thinking and when I am NOT thinking, of course Anna will find a way to take advantage of my distraction.










A glorious combination of purple, blue,and red marker made for a bruise-like appearance on her hands, face and even legs. :) So just in case marker by itself was not incentive enough for a bath, how about the fear that some one may mistake my child's art work for the aftermath of an abusive rage.  Good choice in color Anna!;)











This is Anna's guilty look......




And this is Anna's...... "Don't TRY and wash my hands with that cold towel again, because I am on the verge of getting mad" look.










What can I say. Sometimes I think the name "Anna Banana" is all too fitting of this little monkey. Always on the go, always into things and always ADORABLE doing it. :)








She is in a fun stage and is daily starting to act more and more like a "big girl."


This is one of those moments where I really do think...... " I CAN'T imagine my life without her!"





I would like to dedicate today's post to my Grandpa Bill.

Today would have been his 77th birthday. My heart aches that he never got to meet my girls. He passed away just 8 weeks before Rebekah was born. I KNOW  he would have adored them both. Grandpa was a humble man, whose faith, kindness and integrity made him truly one of the GREATEST men I have EVER known. He is still dearly loved and whole heartedly missed.

Grandma and Pappa





Happy Birthday Grandpa!









William E. Peverley;

April 7, 1931 -December 24,2003






  1. Oh, Emily...and after the day you had. At least it provided some comic relief. By the way, I think Anna especially looks like your grandpa. What a special tribute.

    Love ya!

  2. The pics are too cute. I have 2 baby girls(2 & 3 years). They get into everything. I have one of those moments daily!

  3. I love my grandbabies in case anyone was wondering.

    Grandpa Jay

    oh yeah, the parents are pretty cool too.