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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday at the Park:


It was a chilly spring day here in So Cal.But still a wonderful day for the "great outdoors."

We met some friends from our Sunday school class at the park this afternoon. The daddies played a rousing game of "disc golf" and then the mommies and kids came and joined them for a dinner picnic.:)



Anna and her stroller buddy Lauren: They are a week apart in age and it has been so nice to be able to compare notes with Lauren's mom.....
It is somewhat of a relief to know that "JIBBERISH- EEZE" is not just a language our 16 month old speaks ;).



Here is Bekah on the playground with Hannah! Bekah is always in heaven anytime she gets to play with her friends.









After our picnic and playground time we went down and fed the ducks our left overs :).

(Hey they seemed more than appreciative!)



Anna is getting to be such a big girl! Here she is helping daddy push the new SIT N' STAND!



Us at the duck pond....
















Our Anna....








Rebekah, Mikayla and Tyler feeding the duckies.






Here is a good shot of Rebekah's new hair cut...

our little model posing for the camera.





Josh was determined to get a duck to eat out of his hand.....

ya...... that didn't work!;)


It was a fun afternoon in the park.

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