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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Shall We Dance.....


Today Bekah started Ballet/Tap class. She took a class last year and has not stopped talking about it since. Every time we pass the community center she reminds me..... "that is where my ballet class is, right mommy?....... You don't take me there anymore..." So seeing as this child is so utterly deprived, we signed up again.

This morning I realized that......... hmmmmm....... last year she had just turned 3 when we started lessons and now she is four....... she has probably grown...... So we went shopping for ballet attire.  DSC_5680

I discovered that it was a lot easier to outfit her last year. At the sweet age of 3 she was just happy with anything with frills. Well, along with the growth of her shoe size and clothing size her "opinion size" has also had some development.




We HAD to have the pink shoes and leotard..... let's just say it took us a while to track it down. :) DSC_5695




Aren't those such cute little feet?






Taking the lesson very seriously......


I wish she listened as well for me......










She loves interacting with other kids....:)

Little Miss Social.






Rebekah was so proud of herself after each part of the lesson. She was absolutely beaming and  loving every minute of it.












Our little ballerina.....









Anna was biting at the bit to dance. I was trying to restrain her but she did make it out on the dance floor at one point. Just another year or two, missy.










Look at this picture.....

Anna looking up at her sister with affection and admiration. She so wanted to be one of the big girls. :)


An aspiring "twinkle-toes"...




One of the things the teacher talked about was how Ballet teaches discipline and respect! Hey! I love that concept! ;)


At the end of each lesson the girls line up and curtsy for the teacher. She then in turn curtsies and gives them sticker. The look that Bekah had on her face was the same look she gives the princesses at Disneyland. :)

(I think she is awestruck)


  1. so cute!! You got great pictures. Mikayla reminds me of her dance class every time we pass that place too. It looks like Bekah had lots of fun. Pretty soon Anna will want in on the action.

  2. That is so cute! I can't wait to put Brook in dance class!!

  3. ooooooohhhhhh....I cant wait!!!

  4. Once again I am amazed at how different the worlds of boys and girls are.

    Pink? Dancing? Leotards?

    What IS that? ;o)

    Now, had you been at a monster truck race or motocross, THEN I could relate. hehehehehe

    (although right now my boys are listening to classical music and identifying the composers - so they DO have culture!)