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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All Grown Up....

Yesterday afternoon and evening we joined the Jacobs and Reeves at where else but the "magic kingdom". It was a day out of the ordinary because the daddies got to come along also. It is so weird to think that we ALL ( men included) went to high school together. We have all known each other for 15 years or longer and now we are carting our children (5 of them between us) through DisneylDSC_6148and.


It blows my mind how fast time has flown, how quickly we have gone from "high school kids" to "all- grown- up", now with families of our own.What a blessing to have long time friends.






The Ladies and the











Rebekah and Kate jazzin it up in New Orleans Square. :)


















Anna is workin the pig tails......


Ummm..... can you say "show stealer"? :)


  1. Wow. You guys go there a lot. I'm jealous.

    Do you think it's too soon to take my baby brother??

  2. LOVE it - and I love that you are all still friends and pray you will encourage one another in the Lord and make a purposeful impact on one another as you grow and mature.

    Can'twait to see you SOON!

  3. Good times with the daddies! We'll have to do that again soon.