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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Our day today was all about girlie-ness, all about primping and all about getting ready for the big wedding weekend. :)

IMG_0092We went with my mom and grandma to the nail salon where Rebekah got her first "spa treatment". For $6 they painted both her toes and fingernails! I thought that to be a good deal because not only do I NOT enjoy painting nails but it kept her still for almost a half an hour. Grandma and I got pedicures while my mom was on Anna duty. :)IMG_0104 

You can imagine how DELIGHTED my little princess was to get her nails painted pink. She was thrilled, and when asked what she thought Daddy would think of her nails she said....." Oh he'll say....... 'LOVE IT!!'  "

I think she has only ever had her nails painted once before..... so getting them painted was an exciting event by itself let alone getting it done at a "beauty salon"IMG_0107.                                                                               Anna's entertainment came in the form of digging through grandma's purse.





Here is Rebekah with "GreatIMG_0112-Grandma" showing off their purty nails........


My grandma now lives with my parents and Rebekah loves spending time with her great grandmother. They are "coloring buddies". 





After our nails we went to do a little shopping and then to lunch. A wonderful day with my favorite ladies. :)


  1. ...and, might I add, they looked beautiful in person. $6 is great deal, especially after seeing that smile on Bekah's face. What a treat!

  2. I got to go have that done too! It's so fun. My toes are pink with white poka-dots. Yours look great!