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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Celebration of Motherhood...



What a busy Mother's Day we had!

In addition to feeling very blessed, as a mother myself....I also got to spend the day with other mothers. All of these women are people I respect, love and admire. I am surrounded by women who are




perfecting the art of motherhood and I am blessed to have such Godly examples to follow.

Our day started off with church and Sunday school....

The men in our class were charged with bringing the fixins for a "mother's day brunch." Josh did quite well at rising to the challenge and made chocolate covered strawberries. They seemed to be well received and I can actually say he did them all by himself. GOOD JOB JOSH! ( I will now be expecting chocolate covered strawberries more often..... now that I know he is a master at them.)

We had a fun time with friends and it was nice to have a chance to sit and just enjoy adult conversation.


Our friends the Lee's....a great parenting duo, but more specifically Riva is a mom that I have come to truly admire and I am so thankful for her insight, wisdom and devotion when it comes to all things but especially motherhood.


This is a glimpse of adult conversation and uninterrupted meal time. Doesn't it look so pleasant?




 IMG_0013After church activities we headed to where else but Grandpa and Grandma's. Rebekah was quite excited to give Grandma and Aunt Becky special painted pots she had made. :)

Here is Bekah with Aunt Becky. A new phase in picture taking..... the minute I tell Rebekah to say cheese she immediately strikes this pose. I am trying not to fight it as I am clinging to the "choose your battles" concept, however my pictures are starting to have a more "silly" theme rather than the "cute, lovable and adorable" I was going for. ;)


We had a pleasant afternoon with family and especially with three moms who are dear to my heart, my mom, aunt and grandma.





Bekah and Grandpa being silly.;)








Me and Anna....







One of our family "things" is playing games....

today we brought out a new game... Blockus Trigon.

As you can tell from the picture I was quite serious about my moves....my cousin Andy..... not so much.

So happy Mother's Day! Motherhood.... one of the greatest the reasons to celebrate.


  1. So much to comment on... where do I start?
    1) Josh the strawberries WERE exceptional!!!
    2) Jackson and Bekah must be sharing their "moves" because Jackson just entered that same phase of picture taking...
    3) Blokus Trigon!!! We love Blockus and have always wanted to try that one. Must be a sign that we need to have another game night soon!! (How does it stack up to regular Blockus?)


  2. Oh, I love your mom too! Glad you had such a special day. You are one of my best examples of mothering so thanks for being my friend!