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Monday, May 26, 2008

A Day to Remember....

We spent Memorial Day with family...



Anna with Aunt Donna....












Anna was hammin it up for the camera today! I got a lot of wonderful shots of "little miss sunshine."











Dixie, my parents daschund is very clued into the fact that Anna is the easiest target for free handouts.













Cute girls.....















This wagon has provided hours of entertainment for two generations of our family. A couple of years ago we (the kids) had it refurbished for my parents as a Christmas gift. So the wagon continues to bring joy and makes for classic pictures.

My girls could spend all day being pulled in the wagon by Grandpa.





Although we had a lot of fabulous food today, Anna's favorite dish of choice was the swirls of  Redi Whip on her fingers and hands.......

(This is only allowed at Grandpa and Grandma's house.)




For reasons only this picture can explain......











IMG_0382 Sweet strawberries always make for sweet smiles.
















Why is it.... that sticky messes just don't seem to bother Great Aunts and Grandmas ? ( Anna with Aunt Becky)IMG_0319

My brother Nathan making a serious move.....







and here he is in a more "un-serious"  pose.






I think Miss Bekah has been hanging out a little too much with Uncle Nate. :)










It was a marvelous Memorial Day.


A special "Thank You" to the men and women who have and continue to serve in our nation's armed forces... we owe these brave Americans an enormous debt of gratitude and especially to those who have given their lives to protect our freedom. May we never forget and ALWAYS REMEMBER the great price that has been paid so that we may be FREE.

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